Friday, March 20, 2009

YA Movie News

Ok, there has been so much movie news floating around about lots of various YA books turned movies, so I thought I'd share some of the big ones. Some of these may take awhile to hit theaters, but it's fun to get excited and start thinking about the cast! With YA movies always coming out, I might try and make this a regular monthly feature. What do you think?

  • Catherine Hardwick of Twilight fame is apparently in talks to direct the Maximum Ride movie, based on the James Patterson series. Catherine is also attached to direct the movie version of the soon to be released novel If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Looks like not directing New Moon might have turned out to be a good idea, Catherine!

  • A movie version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid is in the works. There's even an open casting call for "slight and skinny" and "not overly cute" 10-13 year-old-boys. Know someone who should be the Wimpy Kid? You can submit your audition tape here. I've been trying to get some of the fifth graders I visited recently to audition!:)

  • Lionsgate has picked up the rights for Suzanne Collins Hunger Games. The author will be writing the script for the movie and from some articles I saw it looks like they're shooting for a 2011 release.
  • The Percy Jackson movie has its first three lead actors. The movie is being directed by Chris Columbus of Harry Potter 1 & 2 fame.

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

Brandon T. Jackson as Grover (he looks so much older than what I pictured!)

Alexandra Dadarrio as Annabeth (Sorry, I couldn't find a good picture!) One press release lists Annabeth as 18, which is much older then her 12 years in the book!
  • Alex Flinn's wonderful novel Beastly has a movie in the works. Rumors are that Zac Efron could play the Beast character and Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester could be opposite him.

    Honestly, I think she's too pretty for the part! But Zac Efron fits the character of Kyle/Beast pretty well.


  1. Yes yes, this should be a new feature. I like hearing all this stuff.

    I can't wait for If I Stay and I hear it's official now for Catherine. YAY!
    That's awesome about the Maximum Ride books...I heard Summit picked it up or something, so that would be cool if she did that. I haven't read the books, but need too.

    So many of these books I still need to read, but I want too and I'm glad they are becoming or might be movies. Diary of a Wimpy Kid...want to read...

    The Hunger Games. NO SURPRISE, from what I've heard. I'm behind though. Need to read this.

    I've wanted to read Beastly for FOREVER now, and that's cool Zac might be in it.


  2. I really would be interested in watching Hunger Games on the big screen. It was an excellent novel.

  3. Ooh. This should be a monthly thing! And that Diary of a Wimpy Kid sounds good.

    A Hunger Games movie? Wow. I'm not really sure I'm ready for that.

  4. Yay-I'm glad there's other movie lovers like me. I'll try and work on making this a monthly thing since there's always movie news!:)

  5. My sources say you have an award waiting for you...

  6. Oh, that Logan guy looks like Percy. Cool :)

  7. Logan Lerman is so adorable! I became a fan after Hoot hehe

  8. I nominate "Cater Finally Gets It" It would be amazing as a movie! And I don't think the script would need to change at all to work!

  9. i never thought they'd make a movie of diary of a wimpy kid but i'm glad nonetheless!!!!!!!!!!!


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