Friday, May 29, 2009

YA Movie News

Mostly videos today, because that's fun :)

But first, what's with this news that they want to relaunch Buffy without the TV cast and minus Joss Whedon? Umm..not so much-I HATE this idea and I really hate how there are no creative ideas and Hollywood thinks they need to re-launch everything. Bad idea Hollywood, so listen to us and don't do it!!!

Ok, enough ranting, onto the fun stuff...

-Don't forget to check out Sunday's MTV Movie Awards for clips from Harry Potter 6 and New Moon (I hear it'll be the actual New Moon trailer that's showing!) Also, rumor has it there will be some stuff about New Moon on Entertainment Tonight this evening (Friday)

-Check out this featurette on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (sorry about the subtitles, I couldn't find a different one)

-Also, I saw this fan video someone made of stills from the filiming of New Moon-pretty cool, huh?


  1. Buffy without the cast and Josh Whedon = major flop. Way to go, Hollywood!

  2. Wow. I hope they don't do that to Buffy. I don't think I could bring myself to watch it!

  3. Oh nice Harry Potter video. I hadn't seen that. I'm soo stoked for the sixth film. One of my favorite books from the series (the third and then the sixth so yay!) and I love Draco, so seeing him a bit more is nice.

    And that fan did a good job with the stills. Very nice.



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