Thursday, July 23, 2009

YA Movie News

Did you catch the Alice in Wonderland Teaser Trailer? I posted it yesterday in case you missed it.

Have you heard much about the Cirque du Freak movie based on Darren Shan's series? It wasn't supposed to come out until January 2010, but the movie's been moved up to October 23! And the movie's got a new title: The Vampire's Assistant. The cast for this one looks amazing-John C. Reilly, William Dafoe, Salma Hayek (as the bearded lady no less) I'm hoping a trailer will be released soon to go along with the new release date, but until then I can offer up this picture.

Apparently Burger King will be promoting New Moon this Fall which includes Team Jacob and Team Edward BK Crowns. Anyone else's eyes rolling?
And this week's trailer is for Whip It based on the Shauna Cross novel Derby Girl. I think Ellen Page looks so much cuter in this than in Juno and it's Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, so I'll be checking it out. Plus, it looks like there's some nerdy love, and I can't get enough nerd love!:)


  1. Wow Whip It looks great! :) I may have to check out Derby Girl. :)

  2. Roller derby!!! My best friend is counting down the days until she turns 21 so she can try out for the Steel City Derby Demons here in Pittsburgh. RD is so fun to watch. I love being able to sit on the track.

    Those BK crowns are hilarious. I kinda want to get one to wear to the movie, but I'm not sure I can stoop so low.

  3. I'm beyond excited for Alice in Wonderland!! The Teaser Trailer looks amazing.

    My eyes are rolling at those crowns...

    Whip It looks awesome! Nothings better then nerdy love =)

  4. Whip looks really good! Can't wait :) I love the who the cast as the derby girls, so funny. :D

  5. Hi Sarah, I hope you got the picture I sent you! Thanks for your comment yesterday.

  6. I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland and Whip It looks pretty good too!

  7. I'm really excited for Whip It. I have two friends who are involved in roller derby and while I haven't seen that level of violence at their events, it does get brutal. Looks good!

  8. I sorta want one of those crowns... 'cept we don't have a burger king here.


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