Friday, September 18, 2009

YA Movie News Trailer Edition!

Ok, just after I posted this, I found some cool news!

First up, the movie rights to Wicked Lovely were sold.

Also, details about the Harry Potter theme park were released this week, with the park opening in Spring 2010. I will so be there!!:)

And there's been some cool trailers posted. I think my favorite is Percy Jackson-I can't wait to see that movie!

First up is the latest Percy Jackson trailer. I'm really excited about this movie and I keep hearing from my tweens and teens at work that they can't wait. I love the cast, so I hope it lives up to my expectations.

Next is the latest version of A Christmas Carol. This one's done in 3D and Jim Carey has a bunch of roles. I'll like it as long as the people don't have creepy soulless eyes like in Happy Feet.

And last, New Moon's new trailer. I watched this one and thought "man, I kind of want to read the book-oh, wait, I did and it wasn't that action packed." I guess when you cut out pages of a character's inner dialog and whining, you can make an action filled movie! Plus, I'll be seeing it because I like Dakota Fanning and I think she'll be great.


  1. OMZ! Lightning Thief looks sooo good! I smell a new favorite. :)

  2. You know, I read Twilight, and it was just average for me, so I picked up the second book, but when the first five pages was more of the same (whining) I just quit. I haven't seen the movie out of principle, although that New Moon one does look pretty actiony.

  3. Thanks for posting these...great updates. I'm getting more and more stoked about Lightnight Thief especially.

  4. This post was tremendous! What a way to end a Friday! I'm pretty excited about all of those movies.

    I can't wait until there are trailer for the Hunger Games come out.

  5. Yeah, what Brenda said!.

    Mind you after watching the NM trailer I kinda feel like I've seen the damn movie. People give away far too much in blurbs and trailers!!

  6. Oohh Awesome, thanks for posting these trailers. The theme park sounds great; they have so much material from the books to cull from to do it right. Can't wait.

  7. Great post - lots of exciting things coming up!

  8. Twilight was a slightly above average read for me. I really liked the first one (I even read it a few times), but from the second one on, it was just weird. I'd take a step back and really think about what I reading (sparkly vamps, obsessive infatuation, the spawn, etc.), and be like WT...?! o_O And I didn't like that Meyers shied away from conflict so much. In the end there should've been a battle, some people should've died, but everyone just sorta... left. It was anticlimactic. That, in the very end, is what sets books like TW apart from books like Harry Potter. Risk.
    I think they're not too concerned with giving away the plot for New Moon because everyone's supposed to have read the books, and if you haven't read them as a matter of "principle" (I have a friend who refuses to read them on the same basis) then chances are you're not gonna be standing in line to see the movie. Also, everyone's talked about the books to no end, so I think by this point if you don't know who/what "the spawn" is, then you've done a darn good job of avoiding the Twilight phenomenon. The second movie does look a lot better than the first though. I didn't like the weird documentary/artsy/over-narrated vibe going on. And the sparkling? =\ It looked cheap.
    Wow, that was really long-winded! :}
    I'm Twineutral, BTW.

  9. Wow, that Percy Jackson trailer looks amazing. I really want to see it now, but I'll check out the books first. Thanks for posting!

  10. I SOOO want to go to that theme park!


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