Thursday, October 1, 2009

YA Movie News

Very exciting news for Shiver fans! Movie rights to the NY Times bestselling novel have been sold. I wouldn't be surprised to see this production fast-tracked, what with the success of YA paranormal right now. I can't wait!

(Weird side note: I just noticed this week that there was a wolf hiding on the right hand side of the cover of Shiver. I've always just noticed the pretty blue before and never saw the wolf-I felt really silly when I realized that!)

This new poster for New Moon perfectly captures the angst and and over the top drama of this series for me. Check out the other new posters, including one of the wolf pack and one of the Volturi. (I think Volturi one is the only one that makes me semi-interested in the movie, expect Dakota Fanning looks too old.)

Don't forget that Whip It hits theaters this weekend. It's based on the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, who also wrote the screenplay.


  1. That's awesome about Shiver! I loved that book. And don't worry about the wolf, I didn't see it at first either. Oh and the New Moon poster, ummm, what's up with Jasper's crazy eyes?! That cracked me up!

  2. I haven't read Shiver yet, but I definitely want too. I've been hearing some talk about Sam. I really like the New Moon poster too. I'll be watching it.

  3. Congratulations you have won an award at my blog. :)

  4. Oooh, I want to see Whip It! It looks very cool. I can't wait to see what an Ellen Page + Drew Barrymore collaboration looks like...

  5. I've never noticed the wolf on the cover of Shiver either! LOL How funny. Thanks for all the scoop

  6. Haven't read the book Shiver, but everyone keeps telling me I should. So that one is on my list. :)

    New Moon: woohoo, want to see it so bad.

  7. thanks for pointing out the wolf! omg i didnt even notice it lol! Too cool! :D


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