Friday, January 8, 2010

YA Movie News

Not a lot is happening on the YA movie front. But there are some TV shows coming up that I think teens and adults who like teen shows (like me!) will be interested in.

First up, Life Unexpected premires on January 18 on the CW. The early reviews are positive, even saying it could fill the Gilmore Girls hole in many fans hearts (Me, I was never a fan of Gilmore Girls, shocking I know, but I'm still excited about this one.) Also, does the fact that Shiri Appleby of Rosewell fame is a mom in this one make anyone else feel old?

Can I tell you a secret? I know I'm a librarian, but I have never once read a Jane Austen novel- GASP! The movies on the other hand are some of my favorites. My favorite is Emma, so I'm looking forward to the new BBC version of Emma airing on PBS later this month.-it looks too cute! The miniseries starts January 24.

And last, the new season of Project Runway starts January 14 on Lifetime. (Didn't Season 6 just end?) I'm still excited though and we're hosting a Project Runway Gock night at my library in a couple of months, so I need to watch it to get inspired, right?:)


  1. I've never read Jane Austen either. I'm the only writer in my critique group who hasn't, so of course references come up all the time!

  2. I stopped because we have some coincidences.

    1)I'm very excited about Life Unexpected, too. I've watched the pilot and it's an absolutely lovely show. The reviews are right!
    2) I don't like the comparissons with Gilmore's because I was never a fan either...This show follows other paths- don't worry. It's to watch and watch again. Adorable.
    3) And in a way I feel old watching Shiri Appleby as a mom, but she is better with age (and in this proyect) so, I don't feel that bad.
    4) And as for Jane Austen: I finished my first Jane Austen's book today!. Pride and Prejudice...I wish I had discovered her before.

  3. I've never read Jane Austen either! And thanks for posting about the TV shows - I didn't realize PR was starting up again (so soon!) and I am going to put Life Unexpected on my DVR. I came late to the Gilmore Girls ship, but I did love that show. :)

  4. I SO can't wait for Life Unexpected! And I totally agree - I feel SO old that Shiri Appleby is going to be playing a MOM!

  5. The Emma adaption is brilliant. I didn't connect with the actress who plays Emma at first but she really grew on me. Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Emma is AMAZING! I hope you enjoy it!

  7. Michelle-I'm glad I'm not alone!:)

    Lol_yi-We're a lot alike. I'm glad Life Unexpected is good and isn't a Gilmore Girls clone.

    Abby-My DVR is getting full:) Good to know there are other Jane Austen newbies among librarians.

    Brizmus-I looked her up on IMDB and actually she would have been 15to really be the mom in the show, so that makes me feel a little less old.

    SMBSLT-YAY-I'm looking forward to Emma-glad to hear it's cute!

  8. Milka-Thanks-She's one of my favorite characters.

  9. What? A new Jane Austen production? hooray! I'm glad Emma's getting a miniseries and not just a movie. It's hard to do Austen justice in 2 hours. Should be fun! I know I've seen that actress in another BBC show...Daniel Deronda, maybe? And Mr. Knightly is the guy who played Edmund in Mansfield Park. Yay!

  10. YES! After I saw a preview for this, I went and looked up all the Roswell cast members and just wound up feeling ridiculously old. I can't believe Shiri's playing a MOM.

    Whoa, where did my childhood go?

    - Katie

  11. Oh Emma is my favorite and I had no idea this was happening, I'm so glad you posted that! Oh and yeah I think I'll be loving Life Unexpected, but I may keep waiting for the aliens to show up or something...I now feel compelled to rent Roswell DVDs from netflix lol

  12. Teachergirl-I've been hearing good things about Emma and you're right, 2 hours isn't enough time, so I'm glad it's a mini-series.

    Katie-I have moments with my teens at work where I mention something and get blank stares and I feel old. :) I had to look ages up on IMDB too and remind myself that while I was a teen during Roswell, the actors all weren't. That made me feel better.

    Melis-I checked out the first season of Roswell at the library and I'm hoping I can re-watch it. I still get annoyed about the changes from the books though which is why I stopped watching it in the first place.

  13. I also tend to swoon over Jane Austen movies but, so help me, I cannot get into the books. I am a writer and I have a hard time reading Jane Austen -- it's the kind of confession I don't often share in writery circles :) I'm reading Emma with some girls on my blog this spring so I'm excited about the conversation. And the movie. I'm having a hard time getting into the book though. Also, I was obsessed with Roswell in high school. I think that series came on a few years too soon (it seems like now would have been a perfect time for it). When I saw the new series with Liz, I assumed she was the older sister. The fact that she's the mom makes me feel very, very old. :) Love your blog!

  14. Ooh, I didn't know about the new Emma yet. Thanks for posting! It's about time BBC redid it. They've redone every other one recently (except P&P) so it was time for Emma.

  15. Shiri Appleby is the *mom*?! Dang, I feel downright ancient.

    And now I'm reminded of when Max left Liz for that hideous, manipulative, whiny alien Tess. It still stings after all these years...

  16. Laura-OMG-That's why my best friend and I stopped watching Roswell. We HATED Tess-she was awful! How could Max left Liz for *her*?? So glad I'm not alone in that!:)


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