Friday, February 26, 2010

YA Movie News

-Disney Channel will premire Harriet the Spy:Blog Wars on Friday March 26th. The movie is an updating of the novel Harriet the Spy with Harriet competing against her nemesis to become official blogger of her high school class. I haven't read the book, but this update doesn't really sound appealing. I hate when Hollywood takes an idea from a book and then totally changes it! Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.

-Not movie news, but it's cool tech news! I love having books on my phone to read so I was excited to see that the teen novel Cathy's Book has an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Cathy's Book is an interactive mystery with phone calls to make, notes to read and websites to visit to help readers solve the mystery. You can check out a demo of the app on the
Cathy's Book website.

tt Westerfeld gave an update on the Uglies movie. He notes that the movie has been fast tracked, which means there's a better possibility of the movie being made.

-Great news for Glee fans!
Neil Patrick Harris is set to appear in a guest spot in an upcoming episode. I love Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and I would love to see NPH singing again!

-And lastly, check out this new trailer for Beastly. I'm still not convinced the cast is great, but I'll go see it since I loved the book.


  1. Cathy's book concept is fun.. Of Harriet the Spy I have read good reviews and I too don't like to hear that movie people change stuff just to increase market value.

  2. I am horrified by the Harriet the Spy movie. It is such a terrible idea.
    But I am excited for the Beastly movie. Not too sure about the cast either esp. Vanessa Hudgens as that character is suppose to be a redhead.

  3. Oh no, now I have to hurry up and read the books from the Uglies series. :)

  4. Im cracking up over the Blog Wars title bc I'm in an actual blog war--so weird (of course mine is all fun and games).

  5. Shweta-I really like interactive books and I'm glad we're seeing more of them!

    Andrea-Harriet the Spy really annoys me-the remake anway. And I think Vanessa is too pretty in the movie.

    Nina-I know-you need to catch up!:)

    Frankie-That's too funny-maybe you can relate to Harriet!:)

  6. I'm kind of horrified about HARRIET, too. Way to ruin a perfectly amazing classic...and Disney Channel? Oh, god. Beastly does look interesting, though! Thanks for sharing (:

  7. Thanks for the updates, but okay, that is totally horrifying (yes, that is really the only word for it) about the Harriet the Spy movie. I know stories live on past their creators' death, etc, but I think Louise Fitzhugh would not like the idea of Harriet being turned into a blogger, however much I love bloggers.

    Very exciting about NPH in Glee, though! It seems like a full circle, no?


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