Friday, March 12, 2010

YA Movie News

-The Wimpy Kid movie hasn't even hit theaters yet, but there's already a sequel in the works. According to Cynopsis Kids, a second movie based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, is currently being written. I'm still not sure how well these books will translate to the big screen, but I'm willing to give the film a chance.

Hilary Duff will be the next celebrity turned YA author. The first book in her fiction series will be called Elixir and according to the publisher the book “combines the overpowering allure of a dangerous love triangle with thrilling international adventure.” Hmm..I'm not sure, but what do you want to bet a movie will be in the works soon?

-The Eclipse trailer was released online yesterday. I'm still annoyed at how boring New Moon was, so I'm not sure if I'll see this one opening weekend or not. And were the Volturi in the book-I can't remember-someone help me out!


  1. I'm getting a little tired of these random celebs getting book deals. It's not like they are really writing the books! Ugh.
    I'm not sure about the Volturi in Eclipse, but I think I'm over those movies. Still haven't seen New Moon.

  2. Hilary Duff? Seriously? ... I don't think I like that.
    Yeah, the Volturi were in the very end of Eclipse--right after Victoria and her posse die.

  3. Andrea-Yeah, I'm pretty much done with the movies too. I never really liked the books either, but I watch the movies and read the books because I knew all my teens were and I like to keep up! I think this will be the last one I see-I refuse to see Breaking Dawn!

    Sam-Thanks-I couldn't remember if they were in this book or not. And I'm a little annoyed with all the celeb deals too-if they actually wrote the books I think I would care more.

  4. I haven't read the Wimpy Kids Diary, but the movie does look really cute. I know I'll be taking my niece to see it.

    And Hillary Duff is an author now? Interesting. Honestly, she doesn't bother me that much so I'm curious to see what her book will be like.

    I cannot remember a thing about Eclipse! I actually liked New Moon. I thought it sticked to the book better which was kind of boring too, lol

  5. Amber-that was my thought on New Moon too-the movie was just as boring as the book!:)

  6. Eclipse was my least favorite book of the series-followed closely by the last one whos title I can't even be bothered to remember! LOL!


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