Friday, April 16, 2010

YA Movie News

-What do you think of this promo poster for ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars? I really like it and I think the show will be a hit with my teens who are currently loving Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries.

-Film rights to the Young Adult novel The Homelanders: The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavin were picked up by Summit Entertainment. I haven't read this one yet, but I gave it to one of my teens who was looking for adventure, action and survival so I'm eager to see what he thinks of it. There are two books in the series with a third coming in November. Thanks to Shelf Awareness for the news!

-Martin Scorsese will be filming The Invention of Hugo Cabret in 3D. The more I hear about this movie, the more I get nervous. I really hope it works out! Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.
-Former Saved by the Bell Star Elizabeth Berkley will be penning a self-help book for teen girls which will hit shelves next year. The book is based on workshops the actress has been hosting with teens. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the news.


  1. I love the poster. I've never gotten around to reading the series though. I guess I should do that huh?

  2. I think the poster is pretty brilliant. Reminds me a little of some of the Desperate Housewives promos, but much younger of course.
    Haven't read the books yet but going to soon.

  3. Nely-I need to get around to reading the books too!

    Andrea-I agree, it does remind me of Desperate Houswives.

  4. I need to read the books! The poster is gorgeous! ;)

  5. Ahem. As a teen who loves both gossip girl and vampire diaries, that poster seriously appeals to me.
    Just sayin',

  6. I'm so glad you guys like the poster too!

  7. I'm sure this show will be a hit. Even Greek has a novelization and ABC Family's other original shows are pretty popular too. I'll need to give the books a try soon.


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