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YA Movie News

-Ok, not movie news, but celebrity book news-and I'll admit, this one really made me gag. Tyra Banks has signed a three book deal with Random House. "Modelland, the first title in book series, revolves around a teen girl living in a pretend society who competes for a greatly desired way of life that is sadly out of reach at an academy for Intoxibellas, the most exceptional models known to humankind. Modelland is slated for release in summer 2011." One headline I read said it was a "fantasy" series, which made me roll my eyes even more. I'm really getting sick of this celebrity YA author craze-anyone else? Thanks to Cynopsis Kids for the news.

-Pre-sales for Eclipse started Thursday May 13 at midnight on Fandango and If you can't wait to get your tickets or you think your theater will sell out, I'm giving you the heads up now-so start ordering! Thanks to Cynopsis Kids for the news.

-Muse is the first band to be named for the Eclipse Soundtrack. Honestly, I'm not a huge Muse fan, but I did enjoy the New Moon Soundtrack more than the one for Twilight. I'm interested to see what the rest of the track listing is. (I've had "Make This Go On Forever" by Snow Patrol on my pretend Eclipse soundtrack since I read the book-just read the scene where Bella kisses Jacob with that playing-I think it's perfect!) Thanks to Shelf Awareness for the news.

-And still more Twilight news. It appears that Summit isn't listening to me and is planning on splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies (groan-really it does not need to be two movies). The only thing holding back the announcement of two movies is the Cullen kids are demanding a bigger pay day. I say good for them-I think they're what make the books more interesting anyway so they deserve more money too, not just the main three. Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the news.

-A sequel to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie will be made and be in theaters March 25, 2011. The movie will be based on the second book in the series, Roderick Rules. No word yet on what cast members will return. I still haven't seen the movie-did anyone think it? What did you think? Thanks to Cynopsis Kids for the news.


  1. I do not understand Breaking Dawn being split into two movies. I know they are doing it because Harry Potter is for DH...but a LOT happens in DH including several awesome battles, which take up a lot of movie time.

    But that isn't the case in BD. It may be a long book, but not much happens in it. Are they going to cut at the *spoiler alert* imprinting? Ok, then what is the first movie going to be? What is the second movie going to be? The second I read the book I thought "wow the climax of this movie is going to suck because it is just talking and nothing happens". I thought they would just cut it down, but no, they will have to possibly expand it!

    Awful awful idea..

  2. Uggh about the Tyra series. I have a couple volumes of the Top Model books because I got them super cheap, but they never go out at my library.

  3. All these celebrities "writing" YA books is making me sick. First, I doubt they are actually doing the writing. Second, they are usually so bad. And Tyra Banks, of all people. Ugh.

    Re: Breaking Dawn. I don't even think I'm going to see it but it definitely does not need to be 2 movies. That's just greedy.

  4. Couldn't agree more about this celebrity YA book thing. Not cool when there are real writers trying to get their books published, writers who can actually write and won't have a ghostwriter. It's really depressing.

  5. Hate the celebrity book fad.

    I really like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the guy who played Rodrick was PERFECT. He'd better be back for this one!!

  6. I cannot stand Tyra. I agree with you on the celebrity author thing, especially since it usually isn't the celebrity doing all the writing. Their name just sells the book.

    I am not that excited about Eclipse. I may wait to watch it on DVD. It is too bad that they are making Breaking Dawn into two movies. The movie I am really excited about this year is Deathly Hallows part 1. I loved the book so much that it doesn't bother me anymore that they are splitting it because the more of the book that makes it into the films, the better!

  7. I thought the Wimpy Kid movie was cute, and am looking forward to a sequel! (Though won't the actors have grown up disproportionately fast to the characters?)

  8. Caitie-My thoughts exactly! Where will they split it? The first movie will be a wedding honeymoon, oh wait she's pregnant! The second will be vampires talking, talking talking and no action-ever. I really think it should be one movie.

    Kat-I have the Top Model books too and I don't see them checking out much either. I think Tyra might be the worst celebrity "author" pick.

    Andrea-I won't go see BD if it's two movies-I was bored with New Moon because it dragged so long. I need action in my movies!

    Sarah-I'm always curious who writes them and who uses ghostwriters. Probably no one writes them and they all use someone else.

    Jana-I still need to see the first movie!

    Christina T-I'm very excited about HP 7 and that movie should be split-I hate that they have to cut stuff out of each movie!

    Steph Su-Yeah, what happens when the Wimpy Kid is no longer wimpy? They'll probably make the movies fast-I wonder how many they'll end up making!

  9. I gagged over the Tyra Banks deal too. Ugh!!

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  10. I don't mind celebrity authors when the celebrity is Hilary Duff. I mind Tyra.

    WHY IS IT TWO MOVIES? The book was drawn-out enough!

  11. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Those books are so popular with the boys at school.

  12. Muse will probably be on every Twilight sound track, mainly because she cites them as one of her musical "inspirations" (like the group Paramore who will probably make an appearance as well). Although, frankly, the tracks picked for Twilight and New Moon were really BAD Muse choices. I know which Muse songs I would have picked and they totally weren't "Super massive Black Hole" (musical part used in the baseball scene in Twilight) and "I Belong To You" horribly remixed. I'm a Muse fan, can you tell? I actually fell in love with one of their other songs but it was the video for Knights of Cydonia that totally won me over.

    I was really disappointed in the New Moon soundtrack. It seemed weak and blah compared to the Twilight one. Sound tracks can make or break a movie for me.

    Yay for Diary of Wimpy Kid Sequel! Although, haven't read or seen either.


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