Friday, May 21, 2010

YA Movie News

-There are two new movie versions of the classic tale 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea currently in the works. One is at Disney, the other is at Fox. I'm interested to see if both movies end up getting made-I wonder how two versions of the same story would do if they came out around the same time? Thanks to Cynopsis Kids for the news.

-Smallville will end it's run after the upcoming tenth season. Is it sad that I still have paperback tie-ins for the show in my library collection? I don't know that they really check out and Superman isn't one of my popular comics. But maybe with the tenth season being the last people will want to watch and Superman will gain popularity again. Spiderman and Iron Man seem to have won in popularity lately-with X-Men up there too. Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.

-Walden Media has a deal to adapt Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. I haven't read the book yet, but it's been getting some award buzz and I've always liked the Walden Media adapations before, so I'm sure they'll do a good job. Thanks to Cynopsis Kids for the news.


  1. Just watched the Smallville season 9 finale last night. It will be bittersweet when the show ends. It's been one of my favorites, but it seems like season 9 has been kind of hit or miss. Sometimes the episodes are great, and sometimes they're awful. I only hope they do a good job with the final season! :0

  2. I like that we get two versions of the same movie. Sounds fun!

    In other news I am loving the Pink hair!!! I had pink hair for a while and it's great!! It's really a lot easier to maintain than people told me it would be.

    Looks good on ya!


  3. Rydia-

    Thanks! It's been a fun look to have while out on my summer reading visits-the teens love the pink hair!:)


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