Friday, August 13, 2010

YA Movie News

-The Hub is a new kid/family network that is set to premiere October 10 on the channel that is currently Discovery Kids. I'm pretty excited about this new channel because they have some great shows lined up including a new TV series based on the board game Clue and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour. I know my tweens who grab every Goosebumps DVD we have in the library will be thrilled with this news!

-The Spider-man musical Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark is set for a Broadway debut. The show has been delayed and most of the original cast have backed out. But it's back and I still think it could be cool. The show is directed by Julie Taymor, of The Lion King on Broadway and Across the Universe fame, and the score is written by U2's Bono and the Edge. Thanks to Cynopsis Kids for the news.

-I've mentioned before that Wendelin Van Draanen's tween book Flipped is heading to the big screen August 27. To help promote the movie, Random House has published an enhanced e-book for Flipped, which includes behind the scenes videos, interviews, and three original songs written by the author. And FYI for anyone reading the book and seeing the movie-the book is set in current day but the movie moved the setting to 1960's. Thanks to Publisher's Weekly for the news.

-The finale of Pretty Little Liars was the number one telecast of the show for the entire season, with 3.07 million viewers. I love that this show is doing so great and it's getting more people to read the books. I know requests for the series at my library have been huge and I've got a read-alike display set up right now. Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.

-SyFy channel has requested a script from Bryan Fuller (of Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and yes Star Trek fame). The pilot is based on a novel called The Lotus Caves by John Christopher. Cynopsis says the novel is about "rebellious colonists who go exploring beyond the rigid boundaries of their lunar colony and then discover caves ruled by a highly intelligent alien species" With dystopian and science fiction taking off in YA lit, I wouldn't be surprised to see more science fiction shows like this start to show and gain a teen audience. What do you other YA librarians think? More sci-fi in TV and books?

-Hey anime fans! Adult Swim has you covered this weekend with the airing of the Bleach movies on Saturday August 14. They'll be showing Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody and Bleach the Movie 2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion. My teens are always complaining about the lack of anime on Cartoon Network anymore so I'm hoping this is a good sign that they'll start airing more.

-Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is in theaters this weekend-I hope to get a chance to see it. Who else is planning a trip to the theaters for Scott this weekend? I love this review from Entertainment Weekly that calls the movie "“the first rock & roll kung fu videogame youth love story”-yep, that will get my teens there!:)


  1. Definitely interested in seeing Scott Pilgrim, though I'm not sure when it comes out in Germany.

  2. I'm glad they are showing anime on Cartoon Network. I always seem to catch it when they show their live action shows. Strange how that always happens.

  3. I think the next big thing after dystopian lit is going to be sci-fi, honestly. That'll be nice! Excellent shows like Firefly have been out for adults for a long time, I'd be interested to see what kind of YA shows and movies would come of it.

  4. I saw Scott Pilgrim last night for the midnight showing, it was good and better than I expected.

  5. You have made me SO EXCITED by that HUB TV news! I went and looked it up (and to see if we get it here in Montreal - and yes, I can currently subscribe to DiscoveryKids, so I am hoping they keep the switch).

    My husband and I were discussing this Spider Man musical thing in the car on Thursday. It went something like this.

    Radio announcer: blah blah blah Spider Man the Musical blah blah

    Me & Husband: *blink* *bink*
    Me: Did he just say...?
    Husband: a MUSICAL?
    Me: Why? Why would anyone think we need a musical about spider man? How the hell is that going to work!
    Husband: *blink*... MUSICAL?
    Me: Was the world clamoring for a Spidey Musical and we just missed it? Why is this a Good Idea?
    Husband: I think I need to drive us off this bridge right now.

    End Scene

    True story!

  6. We NEED more Scifi and fantasy on TV. I will not watch anymore cop, lawyer, or hospital tv shows. They have all been done to death. Bring on something new! Fringe,Lost, and True Blood prove that audiences are ready to move on, and yet the networks keep pumping out more cop shows.

  7. Lenore-I checked IMDB and it looks like Scott Pilgrim will be there in Jan! Sorry it's a long wait but at least it's being released over there, right?

    Karen-I always seem to find their live action stuff too-and my teens always want more anime.

    Steph-I think sci-fi is on the rise and I love it! I'd love more sci-fi TV shows and movies!

    Christia-Awesome! I'm going tonight-I can't wait!:)

    Cat-LOL! I'm really only interested in the soundtrack because it's by Bono and the Edge. The show itself I don't care about.

    JavaJump-So true! I love sci-fi and fantasy TV/movies and would love more on TV. I'm over the crime/cop/forensic shows!


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