Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two More Tributes!

The District 1 Tributes have been chosen! Jack Quaid will play Marvel (yes he's Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid's son!) and Leven Rambin will play Glimmer.

You can watch the casting come together with the tributes on The Hunger Games Movie Facebook page. One of my co-workers said the Facebook page unveiling of the tributes is creepy! It is a bit dramatic-what do you think of it?


  1. It looks like Lionsgate is unveiling one district's tributes per day. :D I read a comment about the creepiness of the HG facebook page somewhere else, and it kind of is creepy. (Maybe it would've been like this in Panem if everyone had a facebook there.) It's good promotion, though, and it actually feels like we're going to watch a real reality show!

  2. I used to watch Levin Ramblin on All My Children, she's a good actress. I'm glad to see her get a part.

  3. I had the opposite reaction to how they are unveiling the actors. I think it fits very well with the pomp and ceremony that goes into choosing the tributes in the books.

  4. I think it's fun too! I hadn't thought of it as creepy until someone mentioned it. It fits the books, which I think is fun.

  5. OMG, it is totally dramatic and I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    (If this movie sucks, I am totally going to cry...)

  6. I think it's meant to be that way...and when everyone immediately starts trashing or rating the choices, they don't realize they are acting just like the citizens of Panem...

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