Friday, July 22, 2011

YA Movie News

-Lionsgate posted a very cool motion capture movie poster for The Hunger Games. Check it out on!

-Harry Potter made a TON of money over it's opening weekend-over 400 million worldwide! Who went and saw this week and loved it? Anyone else cry a ton??

-K.L. Going's Fat Kid Rules The World has an indie movie in the works! School Library Jounal has the news.

-Alloy Entertainment has an upcoming Science Fiction book called The Robot that has been optioned for a movie. According to Cynopsis Kids, the book "revolves around two teens on a mission to thwart the efforts of a robot assassin, which could start WW III."

-You know how I love my pretty dresses, so of course I was thrilled when I saw the news that those pretty dresses on The Luxe covers may become a reality! Paramount is working on bringing The Luxe to the big screen! Historical gossip book turned movie? I'm so there!

-I was nervous when I first heard they were making The Invention of Hugo Cabret into a movie, but the first trailer looks awesome! What do you think?


  1. I love the Hunger Games poster! It is so cool.
    I cried the whole back half of the movie starting with Snape and on.
    I am so happy to hear about The Luxe. I love those books.

  2. I met Selznik here in Indy and it must have been when they were first announcing the movie. Selznik showed clips of old movies that inspired him. It was a delightful presentation to a very small crowd. He was sincere and kind. I really hope he does well by this movie!
    Do you know if he's working on another book at this time?

  3. Oooh, I would love it if they made The Luxe into a movie. So much eye candy opportunities with those dresses!

  4. That is a SWEET HG poster.

    Also, I totally cried during HP7 part 2. It was so good.

    (p.s. Hi! We met very briefly at the YA Highway book blogger get together at ALA.)

  5. Edi-Yes, Brian Selznick has a new book called Wonderstruck coming this Fall. It's written in words and pictures like Hugo Cabret.

  6. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a film-lover's book, so I think it makes total sense to make a movie of it. It's directed by Martin Scorcese, who is a giant classic film geek, besides being an amazing director. So I don't think I ever had any reservations about this one getting turned into a movie. And the trailer just confirmed it! It looks fantastic!

  7. HUGO!!! WHAT a great cast. So excited for that movie. Really hoping they don't screw it up.

  8. I didn't even know, until now, that Hugo was being made into a movie, and now I am completely and utterly excited. I read the whole thing in one sitting a year or two ago. Even though its mostly pictures, it took a while to get through because I wanted to squeeze every last ounce of information and beauty from the black and white etched-looking pictures.


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