Saturday, August 27, 2011

YA Movie News

-Don't forget about the Hunger Games sneak peak during MTV's VMAs Sunday night. Can't watch it Sunday? MTV will have the clip up online after the VMAs air. Here's a teaser of the teaser:

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-Universal has an Emily the Strange movie in the works. Writer Melisa Wallack is attached to write a script and Chloe Moretz is set to star as Emily. Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.

-Summit Entertainment has been picking up lots of books to adapt into movies. The latest one is a big screen adaptation of the Homelanders series by Andrew Klavan. The first in the series, The Last Thing I Remember, is currently on our state book list for grades 6-8, and I can't keep the series on the shelf! The books are suspensful and the teens love them, so I think a movie version would be very cool. Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.

-The CW is looking to adapting The Carrie Diaries into a TV series. This is in very early development, so I'll keep you posted if any more news follows! Thanks to Cynopsis for the news.

-Another Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie is in the works, this one based on the book Dog Days. The release date is set for August 3, 2012. Thanks to Shelf-Awareness for the news.

-A movie version of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine is in the works.

-Remember when I reported about a movie version of Wicked Lovely? Universal has pulled the plug on the project and the producers are now looking for a new home for a big screen adaptation.

-Entertainment Weekly has photos of The Hobbit cast in a great new photo album for the movie. Makes me very excited!


  1. I'm excited for The Hobbit. Too bad about Wicked Lovely.

  2. I'm not a VMA's fan usually but I'll watch it for a tiny glimpse of The Hunger Games...

  3. I can't wait for The Hobbit! And that IS a shame about Wicked Lovely, but I'm sure they'll find another home for it.

  4. Whomever it is that says publishing is dead doesn't watch television or movies! Seems like most of what is being developed starts somewhere in a book.

    I'm not entirely surprised that the Wicked Lovely movie isn't happening. It seemed to me that the content was a bit more A than YA and bringing it to the big screen would be a bit more difficult while still being able to bring in the younger audience that would be inclined to watch it.


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