Thursday, September 29, 2011

YA Movie News

OK, so this weeks round up is short and actually not much YA news, but instead adult books with teen appeal news instead.

-First up, the zombie novel Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is being adapted into a film. This book was recomended to me (haven't read it yet) but my friend and fellow librarian Heather did and she loved it! So check it out if you're a zombie fan!

-Secondly, the trailer for One for the Money was released this week. Yet another book I haven't read, but the trailer does look fun. I'd love to hear from readers who have read the books-does it look like it'll do the books justice? I'm just happy because Katherine Heigl is a fan of the books and I always like it when actors actually care about the books before they're movies!


  1. The problem with One For The Money is that the Stephanie Plum series is 15 plus books so for me the characters are realer than a lot of other books I have read, I can hear their voices. When casting was announced I was very grandma is not skinny enough, Ranger is not batman enough but I did like the trailer.
    My favorite book in the series is Ten Big Ones, made me laugh so hard I cried, a lot.

  2. I'm with Connie on this one. The casting is not at all right in my head because I already have such strong images of the characters, particularly Joe and Grandma Mazur. Will probably eventually rent but won't pay for it in the theater.

  3. What Connie said! LOL! It's so difficult to cast a movie from a book, especially ones that are well loved. It would be nice if they gave readers a vote on say 10-15 actors for each role!

    New follower and I love your blog! Fantastic content and great theme!


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