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Downton Abbey

Sarah: Like many fellow bloggers, I am eagerly awaiting the Season 2 premire of Downton Abbey Season 2. Because we love the show so much, Melanie from Melanie's Musings and I have decided to co-host episode recaps. I've been good and kept away from spoilers about Season 2, so it will be fun to watch and discuss each episode. Being able to talk about the show adds to the fun, so we hope bloggers will join in our discussions.
Melanie: Unlike Sarah, I haven't been quite as good on keeping away from spoilers.  Thankfully, I haven't come across anything too serious, but I may know about one twist.  I can't wait to see it happen, especially since I have no idea where it occurs.
But before we discuss Season 2, we have to talk about Season 1: (SPOILERS AHEAD!!)

Sarah-I LOVE this show. I was telling a friend of mine that for some reason watching soapy drama with a historical setting feels more sophisticated. You can't deny that there is plenty of soapy drama in DA, but it's just sooo good!

Sarah-I think I would hate it if Violet was my grandmother. But boy is she fun to watch! She gets all the best lines and I kind of want to be her when I grow up. I can't wait for her snark to return!
Sarah-Matthew is a great TV Crush. I'm a bit torn on if I want the Matthew/Mary hookup to happen. She was so mean and horrid to him and I don't know that she's gained any redeeming qualities. I kind of want Matthew to go off and find some other girl who is awesome, but considering Season 2 takes place during World War 1, I don't know that he'll have much time for love. Maybe Mary will get better in Season 2? Somehow I doubt it.

Sarah-Season 1 has been a lot about Lady Mary and I'm hoping Lady Sybil and Lady Edith get some good storylines in Season 2. I want something new to create drama. I really don't know if I like Lady Edith either-so this will be her chance to win me over. Really, I think with all the bickering and backstabbing between Lady Mary and Lady Edith, I'll end up annoyed and disliking both of them. Lady Sybil is my favorite. I'm also hoping for a secret upstairs/downstairs romance with her and Branson! Anyone else with me??

Melanie: I actually kind of like Mary, or at least I find her the most interesting.  I think interesting things could happen between the family's chauffeur and Sybil this season, though. (From Sarah-we will both be rooting for this-I'm not alone!:)  They went through some pretty bonding stuff in Season 1.
Sarah-O'Brien and Thomas-the evil villians. They're so bad it's good. You can't help but hate them, yet you also want to watch them to see what they'll think of next. It really is bad guys done right-they're so dasterdly and it's fun to get mad at them. Anyone else cringe when Cora slipped on the soap and killed her baby? O'Brien is so terrible and petty, yet it makes a brilliant storyline!

Melanie: I love watching O'Brien and Thomas, the main villians, because while I agree they're mostly evil, every once in a while they'll have a very human moment that gives me hope. 

Sarah: Agreed. I think that's what makes them so great. You're so right about them having a moment where they are very human and almost show compassion. I think that's what makes them so interesting.

I also wish Daisy wouldn't be so starryeyed over Thomas. She really annoys me and I don't know if she'll get less annoying in Season 2. One can hope...

Melanie: Daisy irritates me too.  I hate it when girls fall for the wrong guy.  The other man (I can't remember his name) is always so nice to her and she brushes him off!

Sarah: Me too! She needs to stop being so in love with Thomas and see what's in front of her.

Sarah-Bates and Anna! Love them, they're adorable, yet I know there's not going to be a nice happy ending. These two are going to have to face a lot of drama. I spent most of Season 1 wanting to scream at them "can't you see you like each other!!" I hope we see more from Bates and Anna and I hope their relationship develops.

I also think the show is very lush and gorgeous and makes me want to go back in time (well sort of, only if I could be a Lady with amazing clothes, I think.) And the costumes-they're amazing, right??

Melanie: I definitely agree that I would only want to time travel if I could be a part of the aristocracy.  I've never been very good at peeling potatoes.

Sarah: Yeah, I'd be a terrible maid. I can't even keep my own house clean, let alone a mansion like Downton Abbey!
What do you love about Downton Abbey? 


  1. Well I've never watched it but you've made me want to! Thanks. :)

  2. I watched all of Season 1 this weekend, and I'm hooked! I'm hoping for a Sybil/Branson matchup too, but I don't want Matthew to end up with Mary. I'm hoping her mother and grandmother end up sending her to Rome, as planned.

  3. I have season one on my netflix instant queue and have GOT to watch it soon!

  4. Can't get enough Downton Abbey! I hate O'Brien with a fiery passion. She is EVIL! I too want to be Violet when I grow up. Can't wait for tonight... AND for your blog posts about each episode! :)

  5. Irene-You must watch it! It's a wonderful show with fantastically rich characters.

    Bookish-Yay for Sybil/Branson fans! I think Matthew is too good for Mary.

    Helen-Yes you do!

    T. Nelson-Isn't O'Brien terrible? She's just so awful you can't help but hate her, which I think also makes it fun.

  6. You know, when I rewatched season 1 a second time, I liked Mary more. I can see her changing in her opinion of Matthew, and while I don't get exactly why he's stuck on her, I have a feeling they'll sort of end up together.

    I'm definitely on the Sybil/Branson train. They are precious (even if really odd, politically). And Anna/Bates... LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    CANNOT WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!! I look forward to these discussions!!

  7. Kristin-Mary is growing on me, but man in the beginning she is horrid. And she and Edith have that mean girls backstabbing thing going on that can be very frustrating! But I think you're right and Matthew and Mary will most likely end up together.

  8. Oh, I grew to love this over the past couple of weeks; my hubby brought home the DVDs. I'd love to watch the season 2 live, but won't be able to because we don't get PBS. I'm just going to have to wait....

  9. I just watched Season 1 this week and I'm in love. I actually quite like Mary. I didn't at first but her character grew. I want her and Matthew to be together. I like their banter. They have a Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy feel in their initial antagonism.
    Edith seems awful. I hope her character is expanded upon and we see different sides.
    I think Daisy saw the light (or darkness) about Thomas at the end of Season 1.
    I'm really curious how they're going to incorporate WW1.

  10. I can't wait for Season 2!! I loved Season ! I think discussing recaps is great idea. Great call in doing this! I look forward to reading.

  11. Wow, this sounds like a great show.

  12. Yay! I'm really excited to hear all about Downton Abbey! I don't get PBS, but I watched Season 1 on Netflix and it was soooo good! Really ready for Season 2, all kinds of wildness. Really looking forward to the updates :)

  13. I LOVE this show! I really love Anna and Bates!

    I wish the sisters would act like sisters - I hate when they destroy each other's lives.

  14. I haven't seen this show, but you've piqued my interest. Now I want to see what it's about.

    Have a great week.

  15. I love Downton Abbey! For pretty much all the reasons you said. The season 2 opening was fantastic. I can't wait for the next episode! Also I think that you should do a post on books that are like Downton Abbey! :) I love how the US is obsessed with this show

  16. I adore this show! (Posted my own crazy long review of part one this evening!) Oh I have missed spending time with the Crawleys, etc. :)

  17. I just started watching Season 1 and I'm addicted! So many times so far I've rolled over and hit my boyfriend saying "no way no way!" haha. :-) very excited for Season 2.


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