Friday, January 13, 2012

YA Movie News

-Good news Hunger Games fans! Movie tickets go on sale February 22 on Mark your calendars and hopefully there will be a midnight showing in your area!

-The Hunger Games marketing team has released a new site, Capitol Couture. The password was tweeted out the other day #lookyourbest and you can sign up for when the site officially launches. Doesn't Effie look crazy yet amazing??

-In even more Hunger Games news, has a great interview up with the stars about the pranks they played on the set.

-Remember the Les Mis musical move? Well, Taylor Swift won out and got the role of Eponine and Amanda Seyfried will play Cosette. I was really liking the cast until the Taylor Swift casting. What are your thoughts? Are you still excited about the movie?


  1. I love Taylor, but I'm not sure about the acting route for her. I really like her songwriting, and I don't know why, but I think she should write a YA book. LOL.

    Besides, Les Mis is supposed to be French.... that is all.

  2. I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games marketing so far. Capitol Couture looks amazing!

    I don't mind Taylor Swift as a singer, but she doesn't feel right for Eponine. Isn't Eponine supposed to be a little scrappier and not as classically pretty?

  3. Kristin-I could see her writing a YA book sometime in the future.

    Anniecardi-Agreed. I don't think she really feels right for Eponine either.

  4. Love Taylor Swift. Add I barely recognize Elizabeth Banks!

  5. I think she will be fine as Eponine. We all said Jennifer Lawrence couldn't possible pull off Katniss...and look how much she rocks.

    Also, Swift's new song makes her voice sound like she can completely do the part!

  6. Ok, I loooove Effie's look. It's like she popped off a MAC make-up display. You know, the ones I'm always mesmerized by and yet always question who actually wears such war-paint. Effie does ;)

  7. Katie-I know-she looks so different!

    Caitie-You're right. We'll have to wait and see the trailer!

    thelibrarianreads-Exactly! I don't think I could pull off the Capitol look, but it looks cool!

  8. Taylor Swift is definitely no Eponine (who is my favorite character). That casting pretty much means I won't see the movie.

  9. When I read the casting news about Taylor Swift my first though was REALLY!?! Now I will def be waiting to borrow rather than pay to see. It had so much potential...

    Effie does look pretty cool though.

  10. I was so mad about the Taylor Swift casting! I was thinking Lea Michele - though she might also have driven me crazy with the one facial expression she does on Glee of singing anguish. But Taylor Swift, ugh.

  11. Soooo excited for Hunger Games!

    I'm choosing to remain optimistic in that Taylor Swift will be able to pull off Eponine, though I'm currently doubtful. I'm really surprised Lea Michelle didn't get it.

    As for Fantine, I want want want them to cast Kerry Ellis. She played Elphaba in London's West End production of Wicked and that girl's got some AMAZING pipes.



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