Thursday, January 19, 2012

YA Movie News

Welcome to YA movie news! Lots of news happening this week!

-I love this poster for the film version of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. I think this movie will have tons of teen appeal!

-Interesting news came across my e-mail this week in Cynopsis Kids. Lionsgate (The Hunger Games movie) will acquire Summit Entertainmet (The Twilight Films). Anyone else think they should just become a huge producer of YA books to movies? I can't decide if I find this marketing annoying or clever.

-Speaking of Lionsgate and Summit, there may be talk about more Twilight even after Breaking Dawn is finished. I think with no more books to adapt they should stop. If it didn't come from the original author, I don't think they should make more. What do you think-should it continue?

-Publishers Weekly featured an interview with the actress who plays Rue in The Hunger Games movie. I love that she's such a big fan of the books!

-More news from Cynopsis Kids-The Hatchery and Jane Startz Productions will be producing movies, TV series and TV movies based on V. C. Andrews books. No word yet about if the movies are actually in production or just a possiblity.

-The CW does has a couple of new shows in the works for next season. Carrie Diaries and Beauty and the Beast (a remake of the 80s Beauty and the Beast series) have the go ahead.

-If you're a huge Twilight fan, you might want to check and see if your local Target store is hosting a midnight DVD release for Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Select stores will have parties which includes a new scene from Part 2.

In non YA Movie News:

-Walking Dead returns February 12. Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan got hooked on this show and I think I'm going to have to give it a try!

-If you're an avid Game of Thrones fan like me, you'll be happy to know season 2 will begin on April 1 on HBO.


  1. I hadn't seen that poster for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter - it's awesome!

    And I thought "Rue" was really cute getting her books signed.

  2. I don't even know what to say about the possibility of more Twilight movies. There are already too many.

  3. Ugh. I think it would be a huge mistake to do more Twilight! I hope they leave well enough alone!

  4. I heard about the potential Twilight tv show and am somewhat appalled. At some point, a series needs to stop. Example: I loved the first High School Musical movie, but by the third I could have cared less.

    Plus, I'm fairly sure the actors of the movie wouldn't sign on for TV, so that would just cause a huge uproar in the dedicated Twilight fandom.


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