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Downton Abbey Recaps-Episode 5

Welcome to Melanie and Sarah's Downton Abbey Recaps! There were some major shockers in episode 5 and we can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of them!! And yes, there are major spoilers below!!

(They just need to be together!!)

The episode starts off and Matthew is back at Downton. He's being pretty mopey, which is understandable-he's just been told he can't walk and won't be able to have children. Mary is taking care of him and he encourages her to marry Sir Richard as he would wish no one would throw their life away on him.

Richard notices Mary as caregiver and suggests to Cora that Lavinia needs to be back in Matthew's life. He proposes that he and Mary visit a nearby house and look into purchasing it as their home once they are married. Richard also has plans to take Carson on to run their new home. Carson agrees to go with Mary which is a hard decision for him as he loves Downton. When Richard returns later with Lavinia, everyone is surprised to see her. Lavinia says she is determined to stay by Matthew's side and she won't give up on him and it was wrong of him to try and scare her away. Richard threatens Mary that she dare not break of her engagement to him and that he now has a way to ruin her if she tried. 

Melanie: I was proud of Lavinia for coming back to Downton.  She appears to be pretty sure of herself... This time.

Sarah: I was glad to see Lavinia come back and fight for her man. I think she's really sweet, but I really want Matthew and Mary together. Every seen with them is so heartbreaking and it's obvious how much they care for each other!!

 (Boo Richard!!)

Sarah: I am not a fan of Richard-he's mean, conniving, and manipulative. I hate that Mary had to have his help to keep Mrs. Bates from selling her story. Now he can ruin Mary if he wishes. He knows there's something between Matthew and Mary and I think his jealousy is going to end up being very dangerous.I don't trust him  I think he's going to be very controlling of Mary and it's going to be a hard relationship to escape. I hope Carson keeps an eye out for Mary and can help her out of this situation!

Melanie:  Even though I completely agree with your assessment of Richard, I can't blame him for being jealous.  Mary is hovering over Matthew constantly, even telling Matthew that she doesn't have to marry Richard.  If I were Richard, I'd be jealous too!

 (Sorry "Patrick", we don't believe your story)

A stranger has arrived at Downton,claiming to have ties to the house.  The soldier has the name of Gordon, but the family doesn't know of any relation. The soldier is badly burned and no one recognizes him. He tells Edith that he is indeed their cousin Patrick, who everyone had thought died in the Titanic. He claims he was rescued but suffering from amnesia and sent to Canada. He enlisted as a soldier and only recently recovered the memory of who he really is because of his accident. Edith believes him right away, as she was in love with Patrick years ago. The rest of the family is unsure about his claims, especially Mary, arguing that he could easily make up stories that sound real. Patrick had a friend that they suspect may have taken on Patrick's identity and the family is unsure of what to believe since if the story is true, it will uproot Matthew as heir.

Melanie:  Talk about a shocker!  What really got me was Edith's reaction.  She so desperately wants it to be true.  She must have really loved Patrick.  When Mary automatically rejected the idea without even talking to the poor guy, I felt sorry for him, even though I ultimately didn't believe his story.   After all, she was the one who was engaged to him.

Sarah: This was the part of the episode where my jaw dropped! I had guessed from the preview that the stranger would be some relative, but I never thought it would Patrick! I think I side with Mary on this one though. Poor Edith wants so badly to believe that her old love is back that she would see anything to make it real. I also felt he was fishing a bit for details by asking her the name of their old governess and he memories always seemed very vague. Couldn't he think of something that only the real Patrick would know instead of all the vague stories? And since he is so badly injured that no one can recognize him, it would be easy to pretend. 
 (Poor Ethel)

Mrs. Hughes has been helping Ethel, the former maid, and Carson finds out. He informs Cora and the two discuss a way to get Major Bryant back to Downton for a visit to try and confront him one last time about Ethel and her baby. They receive word that Major Bryant died in the war. Ethel does not take the news well. She was holding out hope that things would work out. She also thinks that it's not fair that Mrs. Hughes hired a new maid, Jane, who has a child and is a war widow, yet Ethel's situation has ruined her.

Melanie: I can understand Ethel's frustration, yet her entitlement attitude kind of ticks me off. I do hope she and the baby find a happy ending, though. She's so young.

Sarah: I hope she gets a good ending, but I think something bad is going to happen with Ethel. I think she's struggling to keep things together and the last scene we saw of her with her crying over her baby, I'm afraid she's going to do something to hurt herself. I'm also still curious about Jane. I don't know why, but I feel like she has some secrets.

Melanie: I don't like Jane, even though I've really been given no reason not to. She just seems a bit too perfect. And as we all know, no one at Downton is flawless.

Sarah: Exactly. I feel like I can't trust anyone and right now she seems too good. I really have nothing to go on either, but I just think there's something up with her.

 (The war is over!)

One night, when the staff is having dinner, Lord Grantham suddenly rushes into the kitchen. Watching everyone jump up, trying to maintain decorum at his unexpected entrance was funny. He quickly apologizes for the interruption, than declares that the war is finally over. Celebrations ensue.

 (Oh Violet, sneaky as ever!)

As the war is ended, Cora and Violet are looking forward to Downton going back to the way it was before the war. Isobel is unsure and wants to keep the house open to the soldiers. Violet decides that she will find a new cause for Isobel and talks to her about the war refugees who need her help. Isobel decides to leave Downton and take on a new cause, much to Cora and Violet's relief.

Melanie: The entire reason Isobel left in the first place is because Cora and she were fighting over who was in charge of Downton. When she mentions keeping the house open, she even says that she would take care of everything. I can't blame Cora for wanting to put a stop to that ASAP.

Sarah: The scene with the three of them where Isobel tells them of her new plan is hilarious! I love any scene with Violet, but this was Violet at the top of her game, knowing just how to get what she wants. I understand that they want to have their house back, but at the same time, I felt like Cora and Violet were being a bit selfish.

Melanie: Watching Violet work her magic was as epic as ever. I wonder what will happen to Edith when she can no longer spend her time taking care of the soldiers. Seems like she'll be displaced once again, poor girl.

Sarah: Agreed, poor Edith. That girl always seems so lost and she really found a place first helping out at the farm and then at Downton only to have both of those be taken away. I wonder what will happen to her now.

 (Will they finally get together?)

Sybil is once again off talking to Branson. She asks him if he'll wait for a decision from her. He says he'll wait forever. She says she doesn't need quite that long.

Melanie: I can't wait for next week's episode! Looks like we'll once again be getting some movement in the Branson/Sybil storyline.

Sarah: I know! It's about time-I really want to see something happen with these two.

 (Will Matthew walk again?)

Matthew thinks he may have felt something in his legs, but only mentions something to Bates and even that he doesn't say much. He keeps it to himself, but there's hope in his face that things may be changing.

Sarah: I think this is a good sign and one of the big cliffhangers that the episode ends on-I can't wait for next week!

Melanie: I can't believe Matthew didn't tell Bates about the feeling in his legs, although I suppose I understand why.  It would have sent the house into an uproar.  I hope, hope, hope, he regains movement.
 (Well, that's one way to get rid of her!)

Bates receives word that the lawyer would not grant a divorce because Mrs. Bates told him that Bates had paid to end the marriage. He tries to go to London to reason with Mrs. Bates, only to return and tell Anna that the meeting was worse than he had imagined. Later, Bates receives a telegram that Vera has been found dead.

Melanie:  My first reaction was that Bates was the killer, but I think that would be too easy of a solution.  It's somebody else.   It could be someone not even in the show; I'm sure Vera had many enemies.

Sarah: I think Vera Bates was murdered, but there are many suspects as to who. At first, I thought O'Brien, because she's been showing that she feels guilty for her actions lately and she did encourage Mrs. Bates to sell her story. Then I thought maybe it was Bates himself trying to do what he could to be with Anna. Then a co-workers suggested that maybe it was Richard-he did show up late to dinner and Vera could have been going back on her word not to sell the story and he wants to hold it over Mary's head to control her. Or was it Anna-so desperately wanting to be with Bates? So many possibilities-I want to know more!!! I also don't think this is going to make it easier for Anna and Bates, I think it's going to be even harder!

Melanie: I'm starting to doubt if Anna and Bates will ever be together.  How long can Anna's patience last, after all.  She still has unerring faith in him so far, though, so maybe there's hope.

Sarah: So many cliffhangers to keep us in suspense! What do you think will happen next? Are you as hooked as we are?


  1. How can Mary get out of the engagement with Sir Richard without ruining herself. I don't like that man.

    I was dying with laughter when Violet was fishing for a cause that would light Isobel's fire.

    I also have a confession. My boyfriend and I couldn't wait, and we ordered Season 2 on DVD and will get it today. We watched Season 1 on DVD all at once, and it's killing us having to wait week to week for Season 2. I'll keep my mouth shut here, and I'll still look forward to reading your posts! :)

  2. P.S. I am so excited about Matthew having some feeling in his legs!!!


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