Friday, March 16, 2012

YA Movie News

I may be busy with committee work and reading, but I can't leave you without your YA Movie News-especially since there are so many exciting things happening!:)

-Nathan Fillion has been cast as Hermes in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters. This news made my nerd heart so happy! Anytime you can cast Nathan Fillion, I'm all for it! I hope the second movie stays closer to the books than the first film did though.

-Jeremy Irons has joined the cast of Beautiful Creatures as Uncle Macon. Anyone else think this movie cast is getting epically awesome??

-The Mortal Instruments movie seems to be heading in a good direction as Constantin Films has hired a director, Harald Zwart. According to MTV, production on the film is set to begin August 15.

-The CW has added to the cast of The Selection filling out the love triangle on the show with William Singer.

-The CW also added a cast member to The Carrie Diaries-adding actress Chloe Bridges as Carrie's nemesis Donna Ladonna.

 -Are fairy tales the next big thing? Not only is there a Beauty and the Beast TV show for The CW, but ABC has a Beauty and the Beast retelling in the works as well. Plus with shows like Once Upon a Time and Grimm and two Snow White movies out this year, fairy tales seem to be staying popular.

-Entertainment Weekly has a slideshow featuring the cast of Ender's Game.

-Frank Portman's novel, King Dork, is making it's way to the big screen.

A new Hunger Games clip has been released-featuring the evil President Snow!


  1. Ooooh, that President Snow! Gives me the chills. And I clicked over to see Donna LaDonna - she definitely has the look of an "enemy" character. I can't see Soul Surfter as Carrie Bradshaw yet... but I'm definitely curious enough to tune in!

  2. Anything with Nathan Filling is worth watching.

  3. The casting for Beautiful Creatures so far is EPIC. Seriously, it is so perfect that I could just cry. Love it!

  4. I hope percy jackson sequel much better than the first movie

  5. Love Cinna's beard.
    And Donna LaDonna is perfect. God, even her name has that bitchy nemesis feel to it.


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