Friday, April 13, 2012

YA Movie News

-Beautiful Creatures had to make a last minute casting change before filming. Goodbye to the old Ethan (Jack O'Connell) and say hello to new Ethan-Alden Ehrenreich. What do you think? Jack O'Connell had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts, but I have to say I think Alden Ehrenreich looks more like I pictured Ethan.

-If you're interested in being an extra in the Beautiful Creatures film, there's an open casting call in New Orleans!

-I'm sure everyone has seen the news about Gary Ross not returning for Catching Fire. Like other fans, I am very saddened that he won't return-I thought he took care with the script and made a wonderful adaptation and stayed loyal to the books. I'm also not impressed with the shortlist that MTV posted-not sure if this is real or speculation. I would really hate it if Alfonso Cuaron directed-he directed what I think is the worst of the Harry Potter movies with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

-Writers have been named for the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars-Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber will be adapting the book for the big screen. This duo wrote 500 Days of Summer, so I think it's a fantastic fit!

-Director Gina Prince-Bythewood, director of The Secret Life of Bees, is in talks to direct the film version of Before I Fall. According to Hollywood Reporter she will also do a rewrite of the script.

-There has been a lot of news about The Mortal Instruments movie and there has been speculation about the film actually being made. But an official release date has been set-the film will be hitting theaters August 23, 2013.

-Lilly Collins is becoming a book to movie queen-she's in talks to star in a film version of the upcoming YA novel When You Were Mine  by Rebecca Serle. The film is titled Rosaline and the story is a Romeo and Juliet retelling that shares Rosaline's side of the story.

-I was not excited about the Percy Jackson sequel, but I keep liking their new casting choices! The film has cast The Hunger Games' Levin Rambin to play Clarrise. (She played Glimmer in The Hunger Games) She's not exactly how I pictured Clarrise, but I think she'll have the attitude perfect! Filming starts next week.

-Early Word has a fantastic list of movies based on books coming in 2013.


  1. I'm with you when it comes to Alfonso Cuaron. He ruined the third movie (MY FAVORITE OF THE HARRY POTTER BOOKS!) so I am not inclined to want him for any book to screen adaptations.

  2. It's my favorite book too and the movie was horrible!! I was so upset when I saw the film-I really hope he doesn't direct Catching Fire!

  3. I don't want to sound rude or anything but prisoner of azkaban is THE BEST HARRY POTTER MOVIE EVER. That is all.

  4. LF-It's my favorite, favorite book which I think is why I was so disappointed with the fim. It didn't stick to the books as well as I would like and I felt the plot with The Marauders felt so rushed. That was such an exciting the books and it didn't have the same emotional impact in the movie for me.

  5. I feel like Cuaron really captured the essence of what a good Harry Potter film should be. Instead of the cheesy literal adaptions that viewers were used to with Columbus, Cuaron was a breath of fresh air. He gave the film a darker aspect which helped transcend the films to a more mature place. The book is all about Harry (and the trio) on the brink of adolescence - I feel that Cuaron successfully captured that. I love the book too, but as a screenwriter wanna-be, I also realize the value of cutting back. There are always things we readers want in the movies - however, we always want to crave rereading the book too. If PoA had been such a literal adapation, than there would be no "magic" left in the book, so to speak. My personal opinion is that HBP was far more rushed - we completely missed out on the Horcruxes and Dumbledore's wisdom. For me personally, PoA represented everything that the book did - perhaps it wasn't word for word, but the vibe was right on point.


  6. I guess I see that point. POA is totally my favorite book. But I feel like it's an excellent movie adaption as well. HBP had pratically nothing about the half blood prince, it's in the title for goodness sake!

  7. Oh, man. The worst Harry Potter film??? Try the best. We're sooooo in a fight, Sarah. You're lucky I like you so much.



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