Friday, November 16, 2012

YA Movie News: Trailer Edition

Lots of trailers were released this week!

First up, The Mortal Instruments. The best part of this trailer is how they plug the book at the end in a big way-I love it! I guess I need to read this series, don't I?

The trailer for The Host also debuted this week. I tried to read this one but found it really slow. Should I try again? 

And the international trailer for Les Miserables (aka what I will be doing on Christmas Day) debuted. And can I just say I'm so glad Taylor Swift isn't in the movie? Nothing against Taylor-I like her-but she just doesn't fit the cast at all.

And lastly, the trailer for World War Z was released. (Not a YA book, but a movie I'm sure many YA's will be seeing!) There is nothing about zombies in the trailer though, unless you count towers of people. It looks just like any other action movie to me.


  1. After seeing that trailer I'm probably gonna have to get Mortal Instruments now too, looks intriguing. Bonus is I can then watch the movie when it comes out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have watched the Les Mis trailer everyday for the past few weeks. I can't wait for that! Tears & goosebumps every time. The Mortal Instruments trailer was good but I have to say that my first impression of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace is not good! He is not attractive enough! And World War Z, hate those fast zombies!!


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