Friday, March 1, 2013

YA Movie News

-Shailene Woodley is having a very good year! She's starring in the Divergent film adaptation and she may be headlining another book to movie as she's rumored to be starring in The Fault in Our Stars.  It's a just a rumor, and Hailee Steinfeld is also in the running for the role of Hazel.

-The Fault in Our Stars has a director, Josh Boone.

-Hailee Steinfeld is starring in Ender's Game and Entertainment Weekly has a first look of her in the film. I need to catch up and read this book!

-Deadline has a featurette up about The Host movie. I tried to read the book, but couldn't get into it, but this video makes me want to try it again!

-The Selection has been re-optioned and being rebooted for The CW, which means a new cast. Actress Yael Groblas, who has started in a television series in her native Israel, is taking the role of America and hoping to headline a hit series in the United States. Let's hope the show works this time around!

-Emma Watson is in talks to play Cinderella in a live action version. Looks like the fairy tale trend is still happening!

-Lots of classics are getting reworked. Sony is working on an Oliver Twist update.

I love this promo photo for Catching Fire! What does everyone else think? It's just perfect don't you think?

YA legend Judy Blume is going to be interviewed by Chelsea Clinton on Rock Center with Brian Williams tonight, March 1st at 10/9 Central. She'll talk about her book Tiger Eyes becoming a movie. Check out this sneak peek clip!

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  1. Awesome news. My daughter loved The Selection. If this becomes a series, she's going to be excited.

    1. This is the second time it's gone to production, so here's hoping it actually happens this time!

  2. OMG - So glad I read this so that I'll be sure to tune into Rock Center tonight!

    Also... not so sure about Ms. Woodley getting all the good parts! I was no great fan of The Secret Life, and would love to see Hailee as Hazel!!

    1. I've never seen Secret Life. I think Hailee would be great too but I'm OK with either one.

  3. I love the new Hunger Games poster, although Peeta looks a lot like a Ken doll!

    1. Haha! He kind of does! I really like it-it looks just like something The Capital would put out!


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