Friday, March 22, 2013

YA Movie News

-Say hello to Four! Theo James (aka Mr. Pamuk)  has been cast as Four in the Divergent film. He's a bit older than I thought for Four, but I think he looks the part.

-Not only is Shailene Woodley playing Tris in Divergent, she's just been cast as Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars. She's no stranger to books to movies either-she's also in The Spectacular Now, which is out this year, and she's filming The Amazing Spider Man 2. Maybe Shailene is our new book to movie queen?

-The Selection has added a new character that doesn't appear in the books. In the show, Prince Maxon will have a brother, Prince Rafe, who will be played by Ben Aldridge. 

-Goosebumps is still incredibly popular at my library, so the news that Sony is working on a big screen adaptation of Goosebumps is news my library tweens will love! Rob Letterman who directed Monsters Vs. Aliens and Gulliver's Travels is in talks to direct.

-Once Upon A Time is releasing a tie-in novel that adapts the TV shows first season into novel form.

-Disney Channel is developing a TV Movie based on Annabel Monaghan's novel A Girl Named Digit. Thanks to PW Kids for the news.


  1. I think he's too old for Four too. But attractive!

  2. Thanks for linking to the full list of Divergent casting so far. I think I'm pretty happy with everyone except maybe Zoe Kravitz who kind of just annoys me, but I guess I can see her as Christina.

  3. He does look the part even if he is a bit old. Love all the book to movie news.

  4. I'm decently satisfied with the cast. But Theo James is almost 30. (Never thought I'd see the day when "almost 30" seems "too old" but it does in this case.)

  5. Gaw! Mr. Pamuk! *swoons* I don't mind that he's too old. I'm excited to see him on a big screen. Shailene Woodley is seriously racking up. I was thinking, after I read the TFiOS casting news, about other actresses that age that might have auditioned for Hazel. I can't think of many of them who do drama. Except Emma Watson, maybe? I love Kate Winslet.


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