Friday, March 8, 2013

YA Movie News

-The pilot for Delirium has more casting news. Jeanine Mason will play Hanna and Gregg Sulkin will play Julian. 

-Deadline has a great article on how book adaptations are making it big in Hollywood.

-Early Word has a great roundup of coming TV Shows based on books.

-Cynopsis News reports that British actor Lucien Laviscount has been cast in The Selection.

Have you seen the new Capitol Portraits? They look awesome and it's such a cool marketing plan for Catching Fire! has all of the portraits but here a some of my favorites:


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  2. I love those portraits so much! Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Awesome news about Delirium and The Selection. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. The Delirium has had a lot of casting news, so here's hoping the show gets made!

  4. Is that Finnick in the last image?! *jawdrop*


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