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Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a Youth Services Manager who works with kids, tweens and teens. I love being asked about great books to read! I started my blog in 2008 as a way to keep track of what I've been reading and to use a reference tool for reader's advisory and it's grown into much more than I could have ever anticipated. In addition to book reviews, I also enjoy posting audiobook reviews, YA Movie News, booklists and my adventures in being a librarian.

2016 Caldecott Award-ALSC-2015
Cybils-Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction 2014
ALSC Blogger-2013-Present
Youth Services Community of Interest-Missouri Library Association-2013-2016
Audies Judge-2013-2015
2013 Michael L. Printz Committee-YALSA-2012
Fabulous Films Committee-YALSA-2010-2012
Gateway Committee for Missouri Association of School Librarians 2010-2011

Creating and Running a Successful Mock Award Program-Missouri Library Association Conference-2016
Teen Lit Update-Missouri Library Association Conference-2016
Geeky Programming on a Ramen Noodle Budget-American Library Association Annual Conference-2016
Fresh Lit: Crossovers & Crossunders Webinar-LibraryLinkNJ-2016

Teen Lit Update-Kansas and Missouri State Library Association Joint Conference-2015

Teen Lit Update-Missouri Library Association Conference-2014
Table Talk-What Is the Printz Award?-2014

Teen Lit Update-Missouri Library Association Conference-2013
Teen Reader's Advisory-MidContinent Public Library-2013
Connecting Teens with Books and Authors-Missouri Association of School Librarians Conference-2013

Connecting Teens with Books and Authors-Missouri Library Association Conference-2012

Teen Lit Update-Missouri Library Association Conference-2011
Missouri Association of School Librarians State Book Awards-International Reading Association-2011-2014

Teen Lit Update-Missouri Library Association Conference-2010

Various ongoing Reader's Advisory trainings for my library district 

Passing Notes Column-Public Libraries Journal-2012-2014

Blog Awards:
-2009-Best Reviewer in the People's Choice Blog Awards hosted by Hey, Teenager of the Year
-2009-shortlisted for Best YA Book Blog during Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Guest Posts/Interviews:
-ALSC Blog Posts
-Do It Yourself Spa Day at ALSC Blog
-Caldecott Storytimes Guest Post at ALSC Blog
-Top Five Printz Titles Guest Post at Abby the Librarian
-Guest Post at Bookworming in the 21st Century

Additional Links:
-Blog mentioned in Young Adult Literature Blogs list in Read, Remember, Recommend
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-Web Crush of the Week on Library Journal's Shelfrenewal Blog
-Blog Love on Booklist's Book Group Buzz Blog

NOTE: The opinions and content of this blog are my own and are not that of my library system. My blog content is my own and not that of any committee or organization I'm involved in.


  1. Yea Sara! I found you right off the bat. (I'm in your SLIS class.) Congrats on a great blog site. How oh how did you get it out to so many followers?

    Good luck in the contest!

  2. hey, sara. :-) I was in your SLIS 5100 group last semester. I read your article in Voya and thought it was great. :-) Your blog is fantastic.

  3. Hi! I'm a book junkie, and I just discovered your blog about a week ago! I'm 15 and I noticed you read a lot of my favorite books. (Shiver, Anne of Green Gables, Hunger Games and Catching Fire, Hush Hush... etc) And I just want to recommend a really great book/series that I would love to hear what your review of it would be. It's called the Mortal Instrument Series and the first book is City of Bones. I know you've said you don't really like fantasies... but I didn't for a while either until I found these books. They're full of a whole lot of romance and humor! Not to mention some girl power from the main character Clary. And if you liked Patch from Hush, Hush you'll fall in love with Jace. His jokes are hilarious and highly quotable, and he is perfectly crush worthy. Anyways, I'd really love for you to review these books. :) Please and thank you!

    - Amanda

  4. Hi there! I came across this blog because Greenbean TeenQueen was my nickname as a teenager. My email for the longest time was greenbean1313. I have worked at a bookstore and a library. I also love YA fiction, so it works for that too!

  5. Hi there! I came across this blog because my nickname as a teen was Greenbean TeenQueen. My email for the longest time was greenbean1313. One of my friends even wrote me a poem with that title. I worked at a library and a bookstore. I also love reading YA fiction, so that works too!

  6. I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award :)

    For more info, please visit:


    Happy Blogging!

  7. Found your site via Literary Rambles! So glad I did! I look forward to reading it!


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