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Traveling to Teens: The Tear Collector by Patrick Jones

This is part of a tour for Traveling to Teens!

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal

Release Date: 9/1/2009

About the Book: Cassandra Gray is a vampire-only she doesn't feast off blood, she thrives on human tears. Cass is always there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on and she'll be the one to listen and comfort. But Cassandra isn't happy with her manipulative life-she wants more and she wants to be human, especially since she's starting to fall in love with a human boy. Can she betray her family and the life she's always know?

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: While the premise for this vampire book is unique, it failed to work for me. It's supposed to be a paranormal book, but I never really got the paranormal aspect. It read much more like any contemporary fiction novel about a girl trying to break away from her family mold. It seemed like the paranormal stuff got thrown in there at times it needed to be mentioned-and on yeah, she's a vampire.

Cassandra was a very unsympathetic narrator and I didn't care for her. I actually found her annoying and at times creepy. She was always comforting "friends" and she tries to reach out to goth girl Samantha. She doesn't even know Samantha, yet she's getting all gushy on her and encouraging her to let out her emotions because she knows she hurts. If someone I didn't know well started talking to me like that, I would be seriously weirded out!! There's also a romance plot to the book, but I didn't find it all that romantic or interesting, so I'm not sure I would even call this one a paranormal romance.

There were many times it felt like I was reading a rejected script for a bad CW show-the dialog was corny and unrealistic, the characters were stereotypes (the goth girl who bottles up her emotions, the backstabbing cheerleader, the popular beautiful girl with secret issues at home, the dumb jock boyfriends). I thought that the author kept telling me what I should feel and why I was supposed to care instead of showing me, which was pretty weird since he even mentions that in the novel that good writing shows, not tells!

Overall this one didn't work for me, although the plot picked up about halfway through. If readers enjoy unique takes on vampires, they might find something to enjoy in this one.

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  1. I was the first stop on the tour... didn't love it either. :( Our reviews are similar, but you went into more detail... Good review, not so good book...

  2. I didn't get passed the first few pages. I didn't like the MC.

  3. Not too many people liked this one it seems, although I must say the premise is pretty creative.

  4. The fact that it's such a unique take on vampires excites me. The fact that I've heard many bad things about it does not :(

  5. LOL! I love your comparison of it to a bad CW show. That cannot be good.

  6. I have this one in my TBR and will likely get to it, but probably not too soon.

  7. hmm might have to push this one to the bottom of my tbr list...


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