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Mockingjay Spoiler Post

I loved what The Compulsive Reader did and made a Mockingjay Spoiler post. So those who have read it-spoil away-let's discuss Mockingjay! So you've been warned-there are spoilers here!!! And be sure to check The Compulsive Reader for more Mockingjay discussion!


  1. Absolutely devastating. My heart broke when Finnick died--I had to go back and read the paragraph over, just to make sure it was true. And you could really see Collins' interest in discussing the effects of war on both children/society come to the front in this novel. Especially at the part when she noted that it's messed up society that sends children in to fight their wars (in the arena vs. on the battlefield). And the ending was perfect, just perfect. I'm still absorbing.

  2. I agree-I love the discussion on war and its effects on children and society. I also loved that Coin wasn't the perfect savior-I really liked the idea that the leader shouldn't be someone who is in a power struggle with the current leader, but instead someone from the people chosen by the people. Coin would have bee just as bad as Snow and I love when Katniss realizes that-such a great moment for her character! Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan hated the senseless and pointless way Finnick died and that was one of his complaints, but I thought it fit well-he went to fight and he gave his life and that happens in real life too. Not everyone can have a big death standing up to President Snow or something. I also wasn't surprised by Prim's death-I expected that one from the start. I do think it's such a great commentary and I really want to discuss it with everyone! I agree-the ending is perfect-life isn't easy, there are some thing they'll never recover from, but they make it through somehow and move on.

  3. I love that Collins portrayed war in a very real light. There wasn't a good side and a bad side. I'm pissed that Finnick died. I'm pissed at cruel leaders. I'm pissed that Prim died. I'm pissed that those Capitol children died. I'm pissed at war. And I think that's what Collins intended in writing this series. I loved the book, and the ending was very satisfying. It wasn't a perfect ending, but it was a real one.

  4. Sarahem-yes, I think that was what she wanted-not a perfect ending but a real ending and I thought it was perfect because of that.

  5. I thought Gale's story arc ending was terrible. He was a mere blip on the page and for someone who had been pretty important throughout the course of the series, he was relegated to off stage and not even talking to Katniss apparently. I didn't care one way or the other who she ended up with so that didn't bother me but I truly thought she didn't handle Gale's character well at all.

  6. I agree with the whole Coin/Snow thing- I knew from the start Coin would be just another Snow. I knew she just had to kill her at the last moment like that.

    I am also upset about Finnick's death- it was like Lupin's death to me- it just wasn't necessary. I even thought Prim's death was necessary, but not Finnick. But like other's said, war is real, and things like that happen.

    I also agree about the Gale thing- how he kinda was just forgotten about at the end. I was trying to figure out a good way to voice my feelings on it, and I think you hit it on the nail for me, Sarah (the post above mine). Even though it was his bomb, and I totally understood why she could never "be" with Gale, I thought there woudl be just a little more with him at the end- not just a "oh he's got a big job in 2" from Greasy Sae.

    But overall, I loved it. The commentary on war and all really was so well done.

  7. I posted already on the other blog you mentioned but i just wanted to add here that i think Gale was dropped off like that because the whole thing is told from Katniss point of view and (as i said there, she couldnt have ended with Gale, not after Prim and his involvement and that he would always be associated with her death) i doubt she ever had contact with him again. they fell apart. and he couldnt have been a bigger focus because she couldnt focus on him farther.

  8. I don't have a problem with how Gale was handled. If I were Katniss I would never be able to have someone in my life who's brainchild was the cause of my sisters demise. I thought Collins handled it realistically. I think Katniss and Gale's relationship just couldn't work after the way Prim died so he made a life for himself elsewhere. I do wish she said something about Gale in the epilogue though, let us know he's o.k. or what he's doing in district 2. Collins made us care about him, she could at least write a little blurb about him in the epilogue! Does anybody know what happened to Gale's family? I can't remember reading anything about them in Mockingjay, I may have just read it too fast and forgotten though..

  9. youre right. i wish i knew what happened with his mom and all. did it say they went to live in 2 too or am i making that up?


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