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ALA Update #2

What a whirlwind weekend!! Here are some of my highlights of ALA Part 2:

-Saturday night I went to dinner with fellow librarians/bloggers and it was so much fun! We talked forever and it was a blast talking about teens, YA books, libraries, and sharing ideas.
It made me wish everyone was close by so we could meet up all the time. Kelly, Tiffany, Katie, Drea and Michelle were all at my end of the table and I had so much fun talking to them. Can't wait til we can all meet up again-ALA Midwinter, right girls??

-The YALSA YA Coffee Klatch. This was my favorite event last year and it rocked again this year! We had great authors at our table but I'm too tired to remember them all. One of my favorite parts was meeting James Kennedy, author of The Order of Odd Fish. I hadn't heard of his book but I left the table wanting to read it (and so did Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan who hardly ever reads YA-score!). He gave us all mixed CDs inspired by the book-and it's the strangest soundtrack ever, but it also totally rocks.

-Scholastic brunch. I don't know how I ended up being able to attend this, but it was great. Six authors read from their upcoming books and we got to eat yummy food. In a random twist, the person I shared a cab with over to the brunch was my children's lit professor, who I had not met in person due to my class being online, so it was great to touch base with her!

-Elizabeth Scott's three crazy signings. The amazing Elizabeth Scott had three book signings Sunday-and they were all back to back. But she made it through and being the fan girl librarian I am, I had to pick up all three of her books for summer reading prizes (and OK, one for me). She was so sweet and funny and I loved meeting her in person. I don't know how she continues to write amazing books, but each book I read amazes me. I finished Grace on the way to ALA and let me tell you-it's fantastic!

-Running into Holly Cupala, Jackie Dolomore, Maggie Stiefvater, Lindsey Leavitt and attending Heidi Kling's signing. It was so great to talk to these authors and tell them how excited my teens have been to read their books. I love spreading the book love!

-Meeting Rita Williams Garcia and gushing over One Crazy Summer and telling her how much I wanted her book to win the Newbery this year. If that book doesn't win, I will cry!

-Meeting Avi and Karen Cushman-two of my favorite authors from childhood. Yes, I fangirled to both, but they were so great and it was wonderful to meet them and get signed books. My nine-year-old self was freaking out!

-Book Cart Drill Team. Drea and I ended up not having Fabulous Films for Young Adults meeting on Sunday, so we went back to the exhibit hall for the Book Cart Drill Team. It was fun and the emcee's are Mo Willems and Jon Scieszka, which was hilarious. Here's the video of this year's winning team, Night of the Living Librarians. So cute!

-Shipping two boxes of books, one large suitcase, and one carry-on back to my library for my teens. They are going to be thrilled with everything I'm bringing back-posters, tote bags, bookmarks, and of course books. My Teen Library Council gets to read and review ARCs as part of being on the council, so they will be well stocked for several months now! I'll try to share their reviews on the blog.

-Mr. GreenBeanSexyMan being amazing and running back to security 25 minutes before our flight left DC because we realized that our Nathan Fillion READ posters fell out of the bag during the security check. He's amazing-and the posters are safe. Mr. Fillion will be replacing Edward and Bella on my office door in the teen space tomorrow! Also, did you know Nathan Fillion is the co-founder of Kids Need to Read? He just keeps getting cooler!

-In the most random event of all, the adorable Lindsey Leavitt was on my flight to Chicago back from DC and we sat next to each other. She is so super sweet and I loved talking books and getting her feedback on what an author thinks about author visits and what they want from a library event. Thanks Lindsey!!

Although ALA was exhausting (and Midwinter will be even crazier with non-stop committee meetings), it was a great time and I had such a fun time meeting and hanging out with everyone. I can't wait to do it again in January!


  1. It was great meeting you at ALA, too! Hey, do I deduce from your post that you live in Chicago? So do I!

  2. Gah, Sarah, you make me want to be a librarian. That all sounds so amazing! -dreams-

  3. James-I used to be in Chicago-I lived in Bucktown for two years and my husband is from the Hinsdale area. We now live in SW Missouri, but we visit the Chicago area often!

    Sam-You would be a great librarian!:) I hope that someday I can take all you teens with me to ALA!

  4. It was so awesome to meet you, Sarah, and get to hang out a little - and find out we have a mutual friend! Very cool. See you later this month!

  5. Oh man! I only wish I could go to Midwinter to hang out with you guy. Hands down, Saturday night was the highlight of my ALA experience. I agree, I wish we all lived closer so we could hang out more often.

    Dude, if you lost Nathan on the way home that would have been tragic! So glad he was found safe and sound ;)


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