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New Author Blog Alert!

My fabulous friend Abby (you might remember her from her guest post on Fictional Girls Who Kick Butt) is an aspiring author. She recently started a blog to write about her road to writing and getting published (she will someday be a famous published author-I'm telling you now!)

Be sure to stop by Abby's blog, Above Water, and check her out! Need some reasons why you should be a fan of Abby?

1. She's an awesome friend and co-worker of mine and you know I'm friends with all the coolest people;)

2. We're in a book /pop culture/tv/movie club together. We call ourselves the NOprah bookclub because we don't read those Oprah picks! We love quirky unconventional book club reads, YA lit and fantasy. Our latest discussion was over Mockingjay and was tons of fun.

3. In high school, Abby was in drama (like me!) and we're still drama nerds at heart.

4. Abby loves Lady Gaga and even got to see her in concert-so jealous! And funny enough she was at the same Lady Gaga concert YA author Tessa Gratton was at, although they didn't know it at the time.

5. Abby is mom to an adorable little girl (code name Little Monster-I told you she loves Lady Gaga!) and she makes me feel like maybe someday I could manage being a mom, librarian, blogger and reader.

6. Abby LOVES YA fiction! We share books and talk about YA all the time, so it's no surprise she's writing a YA series. And she loves YA authors and read YA author blogs so she's already part of the blogging community in a way.

7. Abby writing a YA fantasy-how awesome is that??

8. Abby works in a library, which is the coolest place to work, and librarians run in her family. Her mom's a librarian too!

9. Abby is my Project Runway buddy-we have weekly discussions about the show.

10. Seriously people, Abby has the cutest clothes! She really should post fashion posts on her blog too, that's how cute she looks every day. I need to make her my shopping buddy!

I told you, Abby totally rocks! So go visit Abby's blog and say hi and encourage her to write her series so we can all read it and review it!

(And Abby had no idea I was posting this and she's probably very embarrassed that I'm telling you how cool she is!)


  1. Awwwwwwww! Thanks Sarah! I think I felt a few tears, no joke!

    Thank you so much for shamelessly plugging me ;p I need all the help I can get!

    But seriously, your fashion choices are hot. You get to wear cute librarian clothes to work, while I get to schlep around the back room in "business casual" clothes and unpack books and such.

    I'll be updating my blog lots, so check my blog often followers-of-msgreenbeanteenqueen-who-I-hope-will-follow-me!

    Oh, and if any of you are aspiring authors like me, shoot me an email- I am going to start a weekly interview of aspiring authors- starting with Mr GreenBean Sexy Man, my crit partner, next week!

  2. You're so nice. :P And yeah, just from the once I remember noticing how cute Abby looked. Maggie and I discussed it on the way home. You people are going to give us complexes. :P

  3. I just went over! Thanks for the rec.


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