Monday, July 30, 2012

Trends in YA: Glass Blowing

When you read a lot of books, you start to notice trends. So I decided I would start posting about the trends I've seen so far this year. Last week, I posted about one trend: "One Crazy Night aka The Hangover for Teens" Now for trend number two: Glass Blowing in YA.

This is an odd trend I think. Who would have thought glass blowing would be making an appearance in a lot of YA lit? I guess I think it's funny because it always makes me think of my childhood vacation days to Silver Dollar City and watching the glass blowers. I never thought it would be a trend in YA! It's showing up in historical and contemporary books.

First up, a book that meets one trend already (The One Crazy Night Trend) and adds the Glass Blowing Trend:

Trend Note: Lucy is a talented glass artist who is studying the art in a studio and making her own pieces.

Trend Note: Ysabel is another talented teen glass artist, this time making glass jewelry.

Trend Note: You just know from the name it matches the trend, don't you? Maria is the youngest daughter of a family of glass blowers and she longs to be a glass artist herself. Not only does this one have the glass trend, but it has another double trender! Any guess to what that trend is?

And just for fun, not a YA book, but yet another book I've read this year with a glass artist:

So what do you think? Odd trend or not? I actually thought all of these books worked in the glass art in an interesting way that made the characters unique. But who would have thought so many books including glass blowing and glass artists would be coming out this year? Have you read any others that I'm missing?


  1. The only time I've ever seen glass blowing used in YA was during a medieval fantasy story where they worked as glass blowers. I wouldn't have expected it to be popular for more contemporary stories!

  2. When I was in Vermont two weeks ago, I passed by a glass blowing studio. I didn't have time to go in and regretted it, having always been fascinated by it. So, it's cool that you noticed this trend. I read Cath Crowley's book and want to get Tanita's book.
    There's also Storm Glass by Maria Snyder.

  3. Hmmm . . . perhaps glass-blowing has become the new knitting? ;-)

  4. Also the "Glass" series by Maria Snyder - Sea Glass, Storm Glass, and Spy Glass.

  5. I love glass blowing (or any sort of glass crafting, really) in books! Two more recentish ones, although not contemp. YA, are The Glass Swallow, by Julia Golding, and The Glass Maker's Daughter, by V. Briceland.

  6. I would say yes and no to the question. I don't think my mood will necessarily dictate what genre I read but I won't read dark or "heavy" books if I'm feeling happy; it might bring me down.

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  7. Escapism is why I read! And when I read my paranormals I am at my happy place! So that's what I read no matter my mood!

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  8. I've read both Graffiti Moon and Sisters of Glass and found the glass blowing to me amazing attributes! Although Sisters was written in prose I enjoyed the glass blowing aspect immensely.

    I hope to read more books that include it. It's a beautiful thing that many do not know enough about.

  9. Nicole-Same here-it's not something I would expect in contemporary stories either.

    LinWash & Jessica-good adds-Storm Glass would be perfect for this list!

    Ilana-maybe it is the new craft of choice! :)

    Charlotte-I forgot about those. Who knew there were so many books featuring glass blowing?

    Jess-I liked reading about it too since it's something I don't know much about. And I liked how it was incorporated in these books.


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