Monday, August 20, 2012

Best Meets

One of the fun parts of being a librarian is that I get to listen in on reader's advisory webinars. These webinars are basically hour long booktalks from publishers telling you about what's coming out in the next publishing season. I never get tired of them and I think listening to booktalks is something I could do all day!

So I watched the archive of the Booklist Fall YA Announcements webinar I had missed and discovered the best meets-you know, the "it's this meets that" line that you hear that helps sell a book.

"It's Harry Potter meets Veronica Mars"

Yep, I was sold. I really can't wait for this book now! We just have to wait until March 2013! And way to go Tor Teen for the having the best meets line of the webinar!

Heard any other great meets lately?


  1. LOL! I just took the same webinar today and thought the same EXACT thing! I even circled Nightmare Affair on the list, twice. Also double circled:
    Shadow Society because I put Cabinet of Wonders into the hands of a kid at least once a month.

  2. Ooh! Good to know! I starred it on my page-I have to read that book now! :)

  3. Wish I could see that Webinar. This book sounds goods.

  4. I cannot wait for this book! So many meets I am always curious to see if they actually live up to my expectations of them.


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