Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tween Tuesday: Mock Newbery Lists

Since I'm in the middle of my Committee Year, I haven't gotten to read as much middle grade as I've wanted. It's never too early to start thinking about the Newbery and I'm curious to know what books have been gaining buzz and what you think will be showing up on Mock Newbery lists this Fall. I have a few that I have my eye on!

-I'm part of a group on Facebook called the Centurians and this one has gotten some award buzz from fellow librarians in the group!

-I've heard lots of early buzz around this one!

-She's a previous Newbery winner and a fantastic writer!

-So many people have been buzzing about this book. I think it's a better fit for the Schneider Family Book Award than it is for Newbery.

Anything else to add to the Mock Newbery List?


  1. YES to all of them!!!!!! I was leaning towards Wonder for the Newbery, but you might be right about where it would fit better. I want want want a book in verse to win and my vote would be for Ivan :)

  2. Nice list. I've read them all but Splendor... Didn't feel the love for May B. the way others seem to be. I liked it enough, but not enough to put it on my own list of contenders.

    Wonder does seem to be the book to beat. I agree that the Schneider is a shoo-in, but why not Newbery? It's a teacher's dream book - lots to mine discussion-wise, great way to teach POV, perfect for the Newbery age-range. There's room on the cover for two medals;-)

    My list also contains Liar & Spy. I was totally captivated by it. Also, Summer of the Gypsy Moths as an Honor. I did not expect to like it when I heard the premise. No one but Sara Pennypacker could pull that one off.


  3. Jill-I would love more novels in verse to win!

    Brenda-I forgot about those two! I have them on my TBR list. As for Wonder, I think it will have the same fate as Okay for Now-loved by many but alas no award. The story is very fairy-tale perfect and sweet which I think will end up hurting it in the end (again, much like Okay for Now)

  4. I loved May B but 3 Times Lucky was one of those few reads in which I was compelled to pull out a pencil and start underlining some of the lines. Now my copy is all marked up, but I loved the writing. Great pick. I have not had a chance to read the others yet, especially Wonder which I know I SHOULD read.

  5. While all these books look lovely, I do wish that happier, more light-hearted books had a chance in the Newberry . . . and the market in general. When "perfect, fairy-tale endings" hurt a book's chances, I don't know . . . it hurts me a little too.

    But that you for offering all these wonderful choices. The novel in verse is one I'd especially like to check out!

  6. Wonder is certainly on my list! And I agree with Ilana.

  7. I've only read two of these and they were both FABULOUS - Three Times Lucky and Wonder - I actually happened to listen to both of them as well and the audio recordings are both great.


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