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Judge a Book By Its Cover: Hardcover to Paperback

I love looking at cover changes! I understand how covers change because of marketing, but sometimes a book will have a cover I really love and change to something I'm not a fan of in the paperback.Here are some I've come across recently-what do you think?

Across the Universe has had many changes-I've posted about it before. But I think the cover evolution is interesting:


New Series Covers

-I think all the covers are nice and I like each of them. I also think the latest series design has the broadest appeal.

Now for a cover change that I don't think I like as well-


Paperback (and new series design)

-I think this one freaks me out mostly because I don't starting into a creepy eye on the cover. But it does give a very chilling feel, which is a great marketing effect.



-I like both of these covers for Born Wicked. I think the first one stands out a bit more, but I think both have a feel of mystery which matches the book well.

And for some non-series cover changes:



-I really dislike this cover change. It makes the book look like a girly romance and it's so much more than that! And I love Sean's head on the hardcover-such a funny and clever cover. At least Sean on the paperback is cute. I'll hopefully get over this cover change someday.



-This is a cover change where I like both cover options. I think they both express humor and they're simple enough to catch my eye.

What do you think? Like or dislike these changes? Any other changes you've seen?


  1. My sister and I both can't get over that authors have no say in the cover of their books.
    Am I the only one who when they see the cover for Across The Universe just sees the squiggly line of stars rather than the faces?
    The hardback Shatter Me looks like a girl on a fashion runway and so although I agree the one eye is a little creepy I would probably pick that cover over the runway.

  2. I adore the original hardcovers of Across the Universe and A Million Suns. The starry background is gorgeous! The new I can see how they might be more appealing to guys, but they sure wouldn't make me want to pick them off the shelf.

    But the biggest thing that bugs me is the final book is apparently only being released in the new cover. So original readers won't be able to have matching covers. A nerdy thing, but still...

    Shannon Hale is one of my favorite authors, and I love her Books of Bayern series. But I hated when they remade them into face covers instead of the original beautifully illustrated ones. {I did eventually break down and buy the ugly ones, because the illustrated ones, though still available, are more expensive.}


  3. These are some good examples. One that has always weirded me out is Ender's Game. Yes, the book has been out FOREVER, but if you look at the different covers, they give off a feel ranging from a comic book to a super intense war drama!

  4. I really liked the originals of Beth Revis' and Taheri's books but am okay with the changes. I don't really like the other ones. Thanks for sharing them and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. i really loved the new covers for the across the universe series.


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