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Flame in the Mist Halloween Mini-Spokathon Tour

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About the Book: Secrets surround Agromond Castle and young Jemma. Life at the castle is all she's ever known, but Jemma is not who she thinks she is and there is more to her past that she's about to uncover. Jemma soon finds herself in a race for her life and with the help of her pet rats and her friend Digby, Jemma becomes wrapped up in a fight against darkness.

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13. The bats…until you realize they’re friendly.

12. The corridor of spiders’ webs

11. The cold, damp mustiness that seems to crawl under your skin

10. Everything rotting; worm holes in the woodwork, clumps of granite falling from the ceiling, the mirrors getting tarnished and blotchy. (Impossible for putting on makeup.)

9. Too much spleen in the Entrail Soup making it way too slimy.

8. The Pickle Corridor, with its walls glistening black with mold and shelves of bottled gherkins that look like severed limbs.

7. The decrepit old servant Drudge. (Or  so you might think.) He looks as though if you pricked him with a pin, yellow stuff would ooze out.

6. The Agromond motto carved about the Lush Room fireplace: Mordus Aderit. Which means “Mord is Everywhere”. “Mord” being a word for “death”, that’s pretty creepy.

5. The dungeons, especially the dungeons of bones, and the one you might get thrown into.
4. Feeling as though you’re being watched all the time. (You probably are.)

3. The Ceremonies. All those scary entities they summon. Very wearing on your nerves.

2. The Agromonds, especially Shade. And you can never be sure whether Nocturna Agromond is smiling at you or planning to do something really evil.

And the number one creepiest thing at Agromond Castle: (Drum roll, please. Or bone-rattle.)

1. Waking up to the sound of screaming. Though it might just be in you, because of all the creepy things you’ve seen there.

Or maybe it was all in your dreams.

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  1. Cannot wait to read this book, just have not got the chance to pick it up yet, thank you for the opportunity!

  2. The corridor of spiders?????? Uh no thank you :)

  3. Sounds perfectly horrifying! Cannot wait to read it.

  4. Good luck - and I hope you enjoy the book! (Spiders and all.) (Jill, there's just webs in that corridor... :) )

  5. Looking forward to reading this book with my daughter!!!

  6. Thank you all for commenting and entering the giveaway...and Congrats to one of the winners being here!

    By now, you should have been notified by Icey Books - and your book is on its way from me :)

    I hope those of you who weren't so lucky will enjoy the book if/when you read it too.

    And many thanks to Sarah for participating in the mini-Spookathon!


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