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ALA Day Three

I spent today mostly in sessions. I started out in Sex in YA Lit, but ducked out early to get in line for Sarah Ockler's signing. She's super cute and sweet and I now have a signed copy of Twenty Boy Summer so be watching for a giveaway!

I then walked around the exhibits and talked to Andrea (Awaiting Serenity). We went over to the Simon and Schuster booth to see if could snag a copy of The Hollow, but I was told they were all out. I walked by later in the day and what do I see on the counter but a lone copy of The Hollow just begging me to be it's new owner! I felt super lucky!!

Then it was off to a session on self-censorship and collection management. It was a really good panel, but my library already carries the items they were talking about like YA movies, music, and comics, so I felt pretty good about that.
I then got to Malindo Lo's signing for Ash (be watching for another giveaway!) and she was also super nice and sweet.

Next I ran over to the Disney-Hyperion booth to meet Cinda Williams Chima and got The Warrior Heir signed and Cinda was so nice and since they ran out of ARCs of her new book, her publisher said she's send me one-yay!!

Then it was off to my last session which was about graphic novels and censorship and the panel was Neil Gaiman, Terry Brooks, and Craig Thompson. It was a very interesting panel and it's cool to see the library world (and beyond) embracing comics more.

I also got a couple of adult books signed that I hadn't heard of before, but the books were free and they looked fun, and there was a middle grade sci-fi I got signed for my new cousin-in-law.

After all that it was time to head home. We're doing Super Tuesday tomorrow which is when ALA closes and I'm not really sure what the exhibits will be like-some small ones were packed up already today. But maybe I'll luck out again tomorrow and get some great finds.

-Side note: I was a little annoyed at Scholastic for not having very many Catching Fire ARCs and giving them away first thing on Saturday and Sunday. Those are the days when a large portion of the crowd are not librarians, and part of me feels like it's a little unfair that librarians missed out on those ARCs when it's a librarian conference. It's cool that non-librarians can come to the exhibits, but it also makes it seem less special at times I think which makes me a little sad. Since I'm a librarian and a blogger I feel like I fit in in both those worlds, but I understand some of the librarian complaints that the exhibits get full of non-librarians and then the ARCs that are available are gone. I wish there was some requirement that you had to be book related in some way to attend. But I have gotten a TON of awesome books, so I can't complain too much. :)


  1. Wow, and you got to meet a lot of wonderful people as well! I'm hesitant about acquiring an ARC of Catching Fire (if that will ever happen) because with big, long-anticipated books, I kind of just like buying the real thing and reading it then. We'll see! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I think that panel of graphic novels and comics sounds especially interesting (plus, Neil Gaiman is incredible).


  3. Steph-I know what you mean. I know I'm going to buy Catching Fire when it's released. I just feel bad that I didn't get an ARC since there was a group of my co-workers who really wanted it. Luckily the wait isn't that long and I think I'd rather read it in Sept. so I don't have to wait as long for the next one.

  4. I think we probably just missed each other a few times. I was at Malinda Lo's signing and I was late to Cinda's signing, but they gave me free books.. her two last Heir books. :) I fortunately was able to snag Catching Fire, I'm sad you didn't get one.. but seriously jealous about Hollow.

    I had a pokey friend and we didn't get there today until 10 am. So I missed a ton of freebies, but I think I've got way too many books - over 100.

    I won't be there tomorrow, so have a great last day! I have to meet my girlfriend for brunch because she's moving to Washington this week and we won't see each other for a long time. :(

  5. Will you make a post about all the books you got? It sounds so fun!

  6. So glad you're still having fun. I'm looking forward to The Hollow as well, and I totally get where you're coming from with the Catching Fire thing. If nothing else, you'd think Scholastic would realize how much demand there would be for the titles and hold some back for the various days. Wish I still had my ARC, I'd send it to you, but I passed it back around at work and haven't seen it since.

  7. I would be happy to share my Catching Fire ARC with you if you could return it when done. Email me and let me know! I can get it to you in a couple of days....

  8. OH that sucks. I would totally let you have my copy but it is signed. At the bea they put Catching Fire out at different times and not just in the morning.

  9. Thanks for these ALA posts, Sarah! So interesting and fun to read :)

  10. Glad you had such a great time! I've heard some complaints now from librarians who felt bloggers were getting all the books and acclaim instead of them. It does seem a little unfair since it is a librarian conference. But until they have a conference just for bloggers (wouldn't THAT be cool?) I guess we have to continue to crash the party ;)

  11. Looks like you had a really good time


  12. I must have been at a Coffee Klatch table right next to you. I haven't heard any librarians complain about bloggers (and like you, I wear two hats, doing both). I have heard complaints that there were much less ARCs than prior years, which is true. The reason is the economy -- there were also much less ARCs/books at BEA. But I didn't talk to anyone who said it was because of non-librarians; just that it was a sign of the economic times.

  13. I've heard a ton of complaints about bloggers from librarians and wound up defending bloggers this weekend. I'm also a double-hat wearer, but I am so thankful for book blogs because they reach teen readers too.

    It's so hard to see both sides of the story.

    But it sounds like you had a pretty awesome ALA.


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