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Why I Love My Job

Well, there are many reasons I love my job, but I love when I have moments that remind me of why I get up every morning and come to work.

Today a mom stopped by my office and said her son had read the two Walter Sorrells novels I had given him and he was looking for more, but there weren't any more in that series. (He read Fake ID and Club Dread). I had just checked in another Walter Sorrells mystery and even though it wasn't part of the series, the mom was so excited and said her son would be thrilled to know he'd written other books. She then asked for interesting and non-boring classics that would be of interest to her son and I suggested White Fang and Call of the Wild-because I enjoyed those in school-hopefully he likes them. I then gave her my card and told her to e-mail me if she needed more suggestions. As she was leaving, I overheard her tell her friend "I'm so glad she was here! I was really hoping she'd be her to help me find some more books!" I felt pretty awesome after that.

So yep, little things like that make me love my job. :)


  1. That's awesome when stuff like that happens. Your story cheered me up. Today I was (ridiculously) accused of age discrimination because I would not let a 4th grader sign up for the 7-8th grade DDR program. The mother insisted the girl was probably more skilled then the 7-8th graders and refused to listen that we weren't signing people up based on skill. Luckily my director was behind me on everything I had to say so when the woman asked to speak to my supervisor I knew she'd back me up. The public sometimes. (Oh I'm a children and teen librarian in Western New York).

    - Betsy

  2. That's awesome! Congrats to you :)

  3. That is so good, and so like you, thank you for sharing.!!


  4. Aw :) That's why I want to be a librarian. Well, I THINK I want to be one. I'm not exactly sure what to do yet.


  5. I love it when that happens!!! I hadn't thought of giving out my card to parents looking for book suggestions - that's a great idea!

  6. Awesome story! I have no doubt that you're an excellent librarian. Glad to see that your patrons (young and old) know it too!

  7. That is lovely. It must be so rewarding to be able to help people that way. It also shows that love for the job lets you do your job well.

  8. That's great! It must have been so rewarding. Moments like these are the times when I think studying to become a librarian might be a good idea.

  9. I love when that happens. That made my day today.


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