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My Blogging/Reading Resolutions

Last year I posted my Reading Resolutions for the year:

2010 Resolutions

1. Read 200 books in the year. -I didn't quite make it to 200-depending on how much I read the rest of this week, I'll be about ten books away from 200. I can count all the picture books I read to up my total to 200, right?;)

2. Read review books faster.-I fell behind a bit due to school and committee work again, but I think I made progress on this one this year.

3. Post my reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, etc. more often-I'm happy to report I did keep up with this one!!

4. Read the books that win the ALA Youth Media Awards if I haven't read them already-I totally failed on this one-I only ended up reading about half of them. The ones I haven't read are still sitting in my TBR pile...sigh...

So what are my reading and blogging resolutions for 2011?

1. Read 200 (or more) books in the year. I was so close this year I know I can do it next year! Plus, we're having a reading challenge for the staff at my library and I'm totally planning on winning!:)

2. Read the ALA Youth Media Award books-I make this goal every year-I think it's on every librarians resolution list (or at least it should be!)

3. Post more blog posts that encourage discussion-I love having discussions on my blog and I love getting comments and seeing what other people have to say about the things I'm thinking about, so I hope to post more than book reviews (at least more than I do now)

4. Write my reviews sooner (like shortly after I read the book!) and schedule my posts so I'm not scrambling to write something mid-week.-Every week I think to myself I'm going to write and schedule my posts and I only end up getting about half the week done. My goal is to write and schedule my posts more, especially after I've read a book.

5. Read and review some oldies but goodies.-I don't want my blog to focus only on new titles, but I want to highlight older YA and MG. (And OK, by older I mean old stuff and books from the past couple of years that I haven't gotten to yet)

6. Comment on more blog posts.-My feed reader is out of control! I really do read tons and tons of posts and I read it even if I may not comment on it. When I started blogging I commented a lot, but that's fallen away as my reader grew. I hope to get back into the habit of commenting more on the blogs I read.

So what are your reading and blogging resolutions for the year? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I made it to 220 this year which delights me to no end, but I do still have one Morris title to read before the awards announcements. EEEK!

    I am with you 100% on the reviewing. I need to get better at doing it more timely. I also am trying to set a daily comment goal -- making sure I comment on x-number of blogs per day.

  2. I read around 160 books this year, more than years past and more than I'll get to next year, most likely.

    I hope to read more backlist next year too.

  3. Wow. I am really impressed. I would be embarrassed to post how few books I got through this year! (But that is because I only get to read new books as a reward for finishing the writing I need to do....and I am far behind....)

    As for blogging...if I can keep up with twice a week, I will be happy. And I love when I have time to comment, but when I am working at the real job, it is next to impossible to comment very much.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Storyqueen-That's part of why I comment less-I don't have time and I try to read some of my blogs while at work, which doesn't always give me a chance to comment on them. But I really do read them!!

  5. Boy have you given me some things to think about.

    Commenting more on blogs I read seems like a doable goal. I think I'll start there. :-)

  6. I'm hoping to read more next year too. Classes always make that difficult, but one of my other goals is to manage my time better. If I can do that, it will help other things fall into place.

  7. Fantastic resolutions. I want to try and be more timely with my reviews and also not feel pressured to review everything I read.

  8. Great goals. I always worry that when I set a goal I am just going to fail. I don't like to fail. I really like the idea of commenting more on other people's posts since I like the interaction of the community

  9. Fantastic resolutions! I may need to make a few of my own. Good luck!

  10. Sounds like a very admirable list. I was wondering what "scheduling posts" means. Could you help me understand this because I work 12hr shifts and have days where I'm just unable to blog.

  11. I have no idea how many books I actually read this year, but I know it wasn't as many as I would have liked. I am planning to read more this year and try to review more often. I haven't been keeping up with it as I would like. I might also revist some of the books I loved as a teenager, a walk down memory lane may be fun. :O)
    I also want to stop being a lurker and start commenting more. Good luck!

  12. I got to 160 this year. I included everything in that count-graphic novels/books on cd/playaways. I really like your goals, especially the one about reviewing oldies but goodies. I was planning on including that in my list of goals! I plan to work on adding more reviews to my blog and I really need to read more historical fiction and nonfiction. And the awards list? Arg! So many books!

  13. Gina-Blogger gives you the option to "schedule" your posts. And the bottom of your post when you're writing it, it says "post options"-if you click on that you can schedule the date and time you would like that post to appear on your blog. Comes in handy if you want to get ahead!

  14. Congrats on almost reaching 200! That's quite an accomplishment. I reached my goal of surpassing 80...I read 86. Haha, I would have liked to make it to 100, but I had a super busy year with college graduation and job searching.

    I completely agree with the goal to review books sooner. I try to schedule as many posts for the week on the weekends because I'm exhausted during the week, but it doesn't always work out that way.

    Happy 2011!

  15. wow, 200! I haven't quiiite made it to 100 and I thought I was doing well!

    My resolutions this year revolve around reading more diversely. I'm going to read less books with white, middle class girls and try to read books about minorities.

    Also on my list is reading more Canadian books (I'm a Canadian librarian) - I know great ones are out there!

    And finally I'm going to do the 2011 debut author challenge so I'm happily making a list of those to read.


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