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GreenBeanTeenQueen Reviews Picture Books!

Remember when I mentioned my new job a few weeks ago? Well, now that I'm the Youth Services Manager, my reading has expanded. I've always read picture books, but now I'm reading them even more! When I mentioned picture book reviews on the blog, there was lots of positive feedback, so here are a few of my favorites I've read recently.

Press Here by Herve Tullet

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About the Book: Press Here-right here-on the yellow dot. See what happens? Another dot appears! Follow the instructions in this interactive, imaginative picture book.

Green Bean TeenQueen Says: I LOVE Press Here! One of my favorite picture books of the year! I loved what the Booklist review said "without so much as a single tab to pull or flap to turn, this might be the most interactive picture book of the year."-so true and I couldn't agree more. The book encourages readers to use their imagination and believe in the magic of the book. Tilt the book left and the dots fall to the left side of the page, shake the book and the dots spread all over, clap and they enlarge. It's too much fun and I couldn't help myself from wanting to play along and take part.

I also read this one with my niece, who loved it. The text is simple and instructs the reader on what to do next. It's also congratulatory and encouraging and praises the reader for doing a good job.

With fun, creative, interactive books like Press Here, who needs ebook apps?

Forsythia & Me
by Vincent X Kirsch

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About the Book: Chester's best friend Forsythia is amazing-at everything! She can make the tallest birthday cake, she can win awards for anything, she can even play piano while backwards and standing on her head! But when Forsythia falls ill, it's Chesters turn to amaze Forsythia.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: Forsythia and Me is an adorable picture book about two best friends. What I loved most about the story is that Chester never is jealous of Forsythia but instead is supportive and caring and is happy for his friend. There's never any idea that Chester isn't as amazing as Forsythia. Forsythia is a great friend as well-she never brags about her talents and she is just of supportive of Chester as he is of her. They have a fantastic friendship and it makes for a great story. It's all about admiration and support, not jealousy and bitterness, which really made the book stand out.

The illustrations are bright, colorful and full of detail. I love the spreads of various trophies that Forsythia has won! Plus, give Forsythia a fantastically retro style and heart shaped glasses and I was in love.

A great picture book with a sweet story about two unforgettable friends.

Won Ton by Lee Wardlaw

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About the Book: A cat's tale told all in haiku. Won Ton (not his real name!) was a shelter cat until he was adopted by a young boy. At first he's not sure what to think of his new home, but he learns his new owner isn't as bad as he thought.

GreenBeanTeenQueen says: How you can resist a book about a cat written all in haiku? Very clever and so much fun! The haikus are hilarious-I especially like the one that cries "let me out!" over and over again only to respond with "no, let me back in." Any pet owner will relate. The artwork is great and the book is fun to read. It can also be a great introduction to haiku, especially if you pair with Guyku by Bob Raczka.


  1. We just got Press Here at our library last week. I told a co-worker to "press here" and made a little beeping noise when she touched the yellow dot. Another co-worker then said, "it didn't beep when I did it" completely fooled by my sound effect and pressed it again (I beeped for her too). Anyway, very fun book.

  2. Em-That's hilarious! It's such a fun book and I love how interactive it is with nothing but words and pictures!

  3. I love getting picture books out from the library! They are so much fun to review. You'll enjoy it!

  4. I absolutely loved "Press Here". Once I finished processing it at the library, I went around and was like "You can got to read and follow the commands! It's so cool!" Yep, I'm a dork but others also enjoyed it. :)

  5. I just read another review for Press Here - it looks FABULOUS!

  6. I completely LOVE 'Press Here'! It really is such a great idea! And what's even better, doesn't run out of power or lose connection to the internet.


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