Monday, September 17, 2012

Trends in YA: Plane Crashes

As I read a lot this year, I've been posting about the various trends I've seen popping up in YA. Check out the previous trends: Italy is Awesome, Glass Blowing, One Crazy Night, Game of Thrones for Teens, and Gossipy Historical ala Downton Abbey.

I think that because of the rise in dystopian lit, we're also seeing a rise in survival stories. And one of the survival storylines that is making it's way into YA lit is stories based on plane crashes. This isn't new-Hatchet is a plane crash survival story that was first published in 1987. In fact, the first book in this trend has even been compared to Hatchet:

-I've seen the tagline Hatchet meets Lost for this one. A girl is on her way home, and she's actually planning on killing herself, when the plane she's on crashes and she and boy are the only survivors.
Robie decides to unexpectedly  take a cargo plane back home to the Midway Atoll after staying with her aunt. No one knows she's coming back early, so when a storm hits and the plane crashes, Robie finds herself in a raft, trying to survive and knows that no one will know where to look for her.
-This one is about the aftermath of a plane crash where Megan was the only survivor. She's struggling with the memories of the crash and how everyone is treating her like some sort of miracle for surviving.
-This one is out next year and is another aftermath of a plane crash book. After a plane crash, a girl is found among the wreckage, alive and with injuries or memories of the crash.
What do you think of this trend? Do you like survival books? Have you seen any other plane crash books this year?


  1. I adore survival stories and am a huge Hatchet fan. Must look into these!

  2. I am terrified of flying so needless to say I will be skipping reading this trend.

  3. I read Beauty Queens on an airplane and made it through both book and flight just fine! I'm excited to check out Survive!

  4. You forgot the best plane crash of all - BEAUTY QUEENS! :)

  5. Hatchet is on of my all time favorite books so it's great to see that it's still relevant in today's active and ever-changing YA market!

  6. UnRemembered seems very interesting story.. I will get this story once I receive my Kindle Fire.

  7. The Raft caught my eye a while ago-I will definitely read it. I love the dystopian genre so I'm fairly certain I will love the survior themed ones also.

  8. I didn't include Beauty Queens because it didn't come out this year. But you're all right-it's another plane crash book!


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