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Halloween Middle Grade Halloween Tour PLUS Giveaway

Step into some creepy stories this Halloween and become your favorite middle grade character…from the ghoulish undead to mischievous pirates, the costumes are endless.

I love Halloween, especially when I get the chance to dress up as book characters! So I love this tour from Penguin with suggestions of how to dress up as your favorite middle grade characters.

The Book:

Gustav Gloom and the People Taker by Adam-Troy Castro
 Enter an exciting new world of shadows from Hugo Award nominee Adam-Troy Castro. Meet Gustav Gloom.
 Fernie What finds herself lost in the Gloom mansion after her cat appears to have been chased there by its own shadow. Fernie discovers a library full of every book that was never written, a gallery of statues that are just plain awkward, and finds herself at dinner watching her own shadow take part in the feast!
 Along the way Fernie is chased by the People Taker who is determined to take her to the Shadow Country. It's up to Fernie and Gustav to stop the People Taker before he takes Fernie's family.
 Featuring a unique cover and beautifully dark full-page illustrations by Kristen Margiotta, Gustav Gloom is sure to be a hit with fans who love a little darkness in their lives.

The Costume:

Grab a friend and be Gustav Gloom AND his shadow with this easy buddy costume idea! For this costume, one person is going to be Gustav Gloom and the other person is going to be his shadow. Just like in Gustav Gloom and the People Taker, Gustav’s shadow can walk away and do whatever it likes!

 For Gustav:
1.   Dress in all black, the more formal the better.

2.   Make your face pale like Gustav’s using white powder or face paint.

3.   Paint your hair black with temporary spray-on hair color.

4.   Adopt a very gloomy expression and speak in vague sentences.

For Gustav’s shadow:
 1.   Dress in greys and blacks, grabbing old clothes that will create a mysterious, amorphous look.

2.   Paint your face, hands, and all exposed skin dark grey with face paint.

3.   Paint your hair grey or black with temporary spray-on color.

4.   Be unpredictable! One minute, follow behind Gustav and mirror his movement as his “shadow.” The next, who know? Dart out in front of him and trick other treaters, eat as much candy as your heart desires, and melt into the shadows whenever it strikes your fancy!

Be sure to follow the tour and check out all the great costume ideas!

Blog Tour ScheduleMon 10.22 MundieKids IN A GLASS GRIMMLYTues 10.23 Green Bean Teen Queen GUSTAV GLOOMWed 10.24 Charlotte’s Library UNDEAD EDThurs 10.25 Shelf Elf CHRONICLES OF EGGFri 10.26 Bookalicious CREATURE FROM THE 7TH GRADEMon 10.29 Book Chic WEREWORLDTues 10.30 Books Together BOOKS OF ELSEWHERE

One lucky winner will win a copy of all the Halloween Middle Grade Halloween Tour books thanks to Penguin Books!! Just leave a comment below with what your Halloween costume will be this year! I know I don't normally do comment contests,  but I really love hearing everyone's costumes! :)

-One entry per person
-13+ to enter
-Contest ends Saturday October 27


  1. We are dressing as the Neverland crew!


  2. I plan on surprising my kiddos by busting out my Skippyjon Jones mask!

  3. I love Halloween and I love books so the two together are awesome!! Thanks for your offer!

    I had great costumes as a kid, when my own kids were little and when I taught school but I don't have many occasions to dress up anymore. This year I'm helping my son and his family with their costumes. They were going to be the Ninja Turtles but costumes were too expensive so the kids are Ariel (Little Mermaid) and Woody (Toy Story) and my son and daughter-in-law are Raggedy Ann and Andy. Adorable! :)


  4. I'm not dressing up this year, but if I were I would be Penelope (from the film). Fake pig snout, purple coat, the scarf (I knitted a similar one), bright tights, etc. :)

    sewtechnicolor (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. I plan on dressing up as witch this year.
    mittens0831 at aol dot com

  6. A bunch of us are talking about being Waldo from Where's Waldo this year.

  7. What's Halloween without a spooky book. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I want to wear my Eeyore costume, it's warm and comfy.

    Brtjaden (AT) hotmail. (DOT) com

  8. Thank you for the giveaway!!
    I'm going as a, um, nutcracker... What can I say? I really love nuts. Plus, my grandpa worked in a nutcracker factory.

  9. Either Dorothy or Tinkerbell...not sure yet. : )

  10. I'm deciding between saloon girl or puss in boots


  11. I have a Katniss costume! It's the training shirt she wears at the capital :)

  12. If I dress up it will probably be another Fancy Nancy year. Gives me a great excuse to wear a frilly skirt and play dress up : )

  13. We are dressing up as the Wizard of Oz characters!

  14. I, sadly, do not have a costume this year. But if I did I would love to go as a Soul Reaper from Bleach. =)

  15. I'm one of those people who sits at home on my butt on Halloween and doesn't dress up. Although, if I were to pick something, it'd have to be Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist.

  16. Sigh. I'll be working this year, so no costume for me. :(

  17. I will probably, once again, content myself with just being a Strange Shape. However, in the next 24 hours I have to help my son put together an Internet Troll costume....sigh.


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