Monday, October 1, 2012

Trends in YA: Help! I'm Trapped in a Building!

I've been talking about Trends In YA this year and it's time for another edition! This time, it's books about being trapped in a building! This trend freaks me out-it's so easy for that plot to become very creepy.

I first noticed this in YA with last year's book Trapped (and yes, I know, it came out last year and I'm trying to focus my trends on 2012 titles, but stick with me, OK?)

-How would you like to be trapped in school during a blizzard?

With the rise of the dystopia genre, more novels that have freakish accidents, strange diseases and getting trapped are becoming more popular.

-A biological bomb in the air ducts of the mall leads to a quarantine.

-Disasters outside and teens trapped inside a superstore.

-An explosion at school, a deadly virus and students quarantined inside.

Are you a fan of this trend or not? They make for action packed reads, but at the same time the plots always scare me. Have you noticed any other trapped books?

Edited to Add:

Zombies and being trapped? No thank you!!


  1. Don't forget to add Courtney Summers' This is Not a Test to this list. They are trapped in the school (what is it with schools??) for the majority of the book.

  2. The premise for Quarantine gives me the willies.

  3. Love them! But I love dystopian.

  4. I'm wondering if you've come across this theme: Luddites! I've read a few books recently (The Little Woods, The Raven Boys) where a character absolutely refuses to use their cell phone. The Little Woods takes it even further to include a private school setting that bans the use of cell phones and the internet. It's a strange backlash type of theme. Have you noticed this?

  5. I haven't noticed that trend, but what a strange trend to be showing up! Isn't it weird when you notice trends in books?


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