Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Author Guest Post: Karen Cushman

Please welcome author Karen Cushman to the blog! I am so delighted to be hosting Karen Cushman  on tour for her latest book, Will Sparrow's Road. I have been a long time fan and no one writes historical fiction like the amazing Ms. Cushman.
Her latest book is a bit different-this is the first male narrator for the author! Here's Ms. Cushman to talk about why she chose to write from a male point of view this time around.
Why did I write a book about a boy?  I had in mind a story about a child alone and on the road in Elizabethan England.  I knew a girl likely would not survive there in those somewhat brutal times.  And I don’t believe that in a world with so little privacy, she could successfully disguise herself as a boy for long.  She wouldn’t have access to a private bedroom or dressing rooms or bathrooms. London did have one public restroom—a plank with 18-holes, emptying directly into the Thames River.  In fact using the whole world as a toilet—streets, fields, the halls of great houses—was so common that a book of manners from 1731 stated that it was impolite to stop and greet someone who is urinating.  So it had to be a boy, and Will Sparrow was born.
It was important to me to build a Will who was believable, true to his character, his gender, and his times.  My first attempts made Will more like a girl in britches so I had to do a lot more research.  I read books on psychology and child development.  I spoke to boys and mothers of boys.  I watched boys at the bus stop and my husband and his friends at play.  The resulting Will has boundless energy, his voice is changing, he distrusts displays of emotion, and he longs to grow facial hair.  But he lives in a time that was more chaotic and dangerous so he is extremely vulnerable.  There was no concept of adolescence so a boy of thirteen, no longer a child, was considered a man, with the responsibilities of a man. 
I hope I have managed to construct a Will who is believable, not a stereotype, and wholly entertaining.  Let me know what you think.
I love Will Sparrow and his journey and I think Ms. Cushman has captured the tween boy voice perfectly!
Be sure to follow the tour to A Year of Reading for the next stop!


  1. I must say, this makes me very glad I live now! It's obvious that Karen's research and efforts paid off big time: Will is all boy, and a terrific one, at that.

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