Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Your ALA Youth Media Awards Predictions

The ALA Youth Media Awards are coming up-the announcement is January 28th!

My top three picks for Caldecott are:

And I have two dark horse picks:

I haven't read much middle grade this year, but my pick for Newbery is:

and I have one dark horse Newbery pick:

And of course, I can't make any Printz predictions this year! 

What do you think will win? Any predictions for Caldecott, Newbery and Printz?


  1. My dark horse would be THe False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen. I don't think it has a shot, however I offer up two words that fuel my hope: The Thief.

  2. I'm thinking "Extra Yarn" as another possible for Caldecott. Oh, and maybe "Looking for Lincoln."

    I'll tell you, I do not get the Caldecott level love for "Green." I feel like I am missing something there.

    Newbery thoughts, "Wonder" and "The One and Only Ivan." We'll see soon enough!


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