Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Chronicles of Egg Blog Tour: Stop 1 PLUS Giveaway

I am so excited to be featuring the first stop on The Chronicles of Egg tour! Author Geoff Rodkey is traveling around the blogosphere to give readers a look into his series, The Chronicles of Egg. Here on GreenBeanTeenQueen, he's giving us a peek into the character of Egg. Don't forget to follow the tour and enter for your chance to win one set of signed, personalized copies of the paperback of Book One: Deadweather and Sunrise and an ARC of Book 2: New Lands.

Egbert "Egg" Masterson, the narrator and unlikely hero of Deadweather and Sunrise, has no shortage of problems.
First of all, there's his name. Egbert might just be the world's worst first name, made all the more awful for the fact that his older siblings are named Venus and Adonis.
Those siblings are a whole other problem. Venus and Adonis are as cruel as they are stupid--although the stupidity's actually a blessing, because if they were any more clever, they'd be absolutely lethal.
The children's tutor, Percy, is no help at all--not just because he's staggeringly lazy and every bit as mean-spirited as Venus and Adonis, but because he's a complete fraud. He owns a hundred and thirty-seven books but hasn't read a single one, and while he's fond of spouting endless facts about science, history, and the like, none of them are actually true.
Not that Egg's father notices any of this. He's too busy running the family's ugly fruit plantation, which is the only non-criminal enterprise on Deadweather--an island that, except for the Mastersons, is entirely populated by pirates.
The pirates, as you can imagine, are not very good neighbors. Although in some ways, they're less of a threat than the volcano--which belches smoke and shakes the earth just often enough to remind Egg that some day, life on Deadweather might turn REALLY nasty.
But Egg's not the type to complain--and he does get some comfort from reading Percy's 137 books, as well as playing an occasional game of ugly fruit catch with Mung, a mute former pirate who's missing a large chunk of his brain.
Still, life is pretty lousy. Until one day…
Egg's father makes a mysterious discovery on the plantation--and takes the family on an equally mysterious errand to Sunrise, the carefree, rich, blissfully pirate-and-volcano-free island next door.
Within hours of arriving on Sunrise, Egg's entire family disappears in a freak accident, and he's taken in by the glamorous Pembroke family and their beautiful, sharp-tongued daughter Millicent. Life at the Pembroke's mansion is like a happy dream, and for the first time in his life, Egg's problems vanish.
Until someone tries to throw him off a cliff.
Suddenly, Egg's got a brand-new problem: he's running for his life, marked for death with no idea who's trying to kill him or why, and with nobody to help him except Millicent and a one-handed, possibly deranged cabin boy named Guts.
That's when the fun really starts.

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Enter to win one set of signed personalized paperback copy of Deadweather and Sunrise and an ARC of New Lands
-One entry per person
-US and Canada addresses only please
-Open to 13+
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-Contest ends March 12
-Thanks to Media Masters Publicity for the giveaway

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