Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trends in Publishing: Bird Watching

So I normally post about trends I see happening in YA, but here's a trend that is happening across the board:  bird watching. It took me by surprise-who knew bird watching would become so book trendy? But check it out:


Middle Grade:

(not totally about bird watching, but features bird watching characters)

(This one appears to be self published, which I don't typically include,but I thought it was interesting how it fit the theme)

Young Adult: 


Have you noticed birds in your books lately?


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  2. BIRD NERD has a great cover! I have also loved the cover for HERE WHERE THE SUNBEAMS ARE GREEN ever since I first saw it. So colorful and sweet. It's really crazy how random elements like this trend. My only explanation has always been that the muse gets around. That said, I see so many bird silhouettes and prints and stuff now too (owls, of course, but even the hard graphic of a bird is something I see a lot) that I kind of wonder if that visual element played any part of the creative process. I always wonder about the little inspirations people probably take in without even being aware of it. Know what I mean?


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