Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy National Library Week!

It's Wednesday and we're halfway through National Library Week-have you visited your local library yet this week?

I know many of us bloggers use the library frequently. We're avid readers and booklovers, so why wouldn't we visit the library? I don't love the library because I work there, I work there because I love the library. I thought in honor of National Library Week, I'd share one of my favorite library memories.

My favorite event my library held was the library booksale. Sure the main booksale was fun-it was in one of the local mall's and you would walk through the halls and there were tables of books everywhere-it was an all day event for my family! But the best booksale was the children's only booksale/swap. You had to be under 18 and you had to bring books to swap. For each book you brought, you got a ticket to use for the books inside. And the best part-no adults allowed! My parents were always good about letting me read what I wanted, but there was something really cool about going to a booksale without any adult with me. My mom would stand outside wherever the sale was being held and sometimes I'd go over to the entrance and show her what I had. But in the end, the books were all books I had chosen and that was very special.

Do you have any favorite library memories?

I love this clip from Reading Rainbow. Thanks Heather for sharing it!


  1. Almost every day after school I went to the library on St. Thomas. I loved going there. It's an old Danish building with thick walls and big shuttered windows where I could sit on the wide sills. I found Edgar Rice Burroughs there. After seeing Lawrence of Arabia I plowed through The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. S. Lawrence. I never had to check it out....

  2. Bish-Thanks for sharing-what a great library memory!:) There's just something great about stepping into a library and reading a book-it makes the whole experience even better!

  3. I didn't really go to the library very often as a kid (except the school library). I do remember one time that the library was selling their old records and I bought some records of classical music by Beethoven and Mozart for 10 cents a piece. My dad had this stereo system with a record player and eight track thing in it that he bought in the 70s and even though it was the 90s, the record player still worked when I was a young teen. Not a book related memory, but still a positive library memory I guess.

  4. Christina-I love it! My parents had an old record player that my sister and I would use. You can find some great gems at library booksales. And sometimes libraries check out some different collections-the library I went to growing up had paintings and artwork you could check out and I know of a library that has a cake pan collection!

  5. I love it! I've been to the library three times this week. I have something fun planned at the end of the month to tie in National Library Week and National Poetry Month. I'm excited. And I'm glad you liked the video!


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