Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture Book Saturday

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka, illustrated by Chad Cameron

Working in a library, I get asked for themed books all the time! We can't keep enough concept books, holiday books, or season books on the shelf. Fall Mixed Up is going into my "stock list of books to suggest". The book explores Fall and all the Holidays we have during that season, but instead it mixes everything up-like candy for dinner at Thanksgiving, and Pumpkins that are red. The illustrations have lots of colorful details and kids will have fun picking out all the mixups that happen along the way. The text has a nice rhyme to it and I would suggest this book as a preschool storytime read (although I haven't used it in storytime yet). A funny entry into the seasons that is sure to get parents and kids laughing!

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow by Susan A. Shea, illustrated by Tom Slaughter

Using rhymes, the text asks questions about which objects will grow. If a duckling grows to a be a duck, does a car grow to become a truck? The book has an interactive format with flaps to pull to uncover the various items. The book reveals the truth about the objects, yes to ducks, no to trucks. A fun, imaginative book that has lots of interaction and will have kids reading and asking questions. Another one for storytime that I can't wait to use!


  1. I neeed Fall Mixed Up. There just isn't enough fall books.

  2. How cute!! I'm in a Children's Lit class right now so we're looking at all sorts of picture books. The second one sounds fun. A car into a truck? Hilarious, but informative!


  3. "Do You Know..." looks so cute! And it reminds me of that old Mary Kate and Ashley song: "...If a goose and a goose make 2 geese, do a moose and moose make... 2 meese?"


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