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Adult Lit: The Thorn and the Blossom by Theodora Goss

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary

Release Date: 1/17/2012

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About the Book: When Evelyn Morgan walked into the small village bookstore, she didn't know she was about to meet the love of her life. Brendan Thorne and Evelyn spend the week they have together and Brendan shares the story The Green Knight, a legend about star-crossed lovers. Are Evelyn and Brendan to have the same fate as those in the story? And is the story more than legend?

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: This book has a very unique packaging which is what sold me on the book in the first place. The book has an accordion style to it, which allows you to read one side of the story, then turn it over and read the other. You can choose which one to start with (I started with Evelyn) and you find yourself reading an almost circular story. The format is pretty cool, although I will say it was a bit hard to hold because of the binding and accordion style. Also, at one point I dropped the book and it fluttered down with all the pages flopping out and I had to stack them back up-the hazards of having an accordion book format I guess!

As for the story, it was just OK. I liked it, but it's very short and I wanted more. A lot if left up to the readers to put together and I found myself wanting just a bit more detail and depth to the story. The characters are both interested, even obsessed, with the tale of The Green Knight and it's this story that brings them together and also has echoes of their own love story. In many ways, the book is a modern  retelling of a legend and although nothing is ever really told to the readers, there are many hints to put things together that this is true.

It's an interesting concept and the story kept me reading. I think readers who enjoy fables and legends would like this one-I would suggest it for older teens and adults since for much of the story Brendan and Evelyn are older adults teaching college and it's more adult lit than YA. I'm not sure if libraries would be able to carry it because of the format, but it would make a great book for the friend who claims they can't find anything to read!

Book Pairings: Hood by Stephen Lawhead, Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Anne Sandell

Full Disclosure: Reviewed from finished copy sent by the publisher


  1. Speaking of handselling books... this one sounds like a super easy sell, just because of the awesome format! Whether or not the actual story is stellar, I'd love to flip through a 2-sided accordion book!

  2. Yeah, I was drawn to the concept as well but left underwhelmed by the story. It's just too short to fully satisfy.


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